May 26, 2019

Monitor Yours or Anyone’s Website’s down-time Using Google Script Easily

Anyone who have website knows the frustration when theirs website goes offline. Giving users most out of the service you are offering, you should make sure that your website never goes down. But now and then when your website goes down, you may loose some visitors. So, you should make sure you know whenever your website goes down by monitoring the down-time of the website and whenever it goes down you can resolve the problem to make it online again.


One of the things you can do is use some free services, but every service has limitation. Limited emails and other limitation could stop you from properly monitoring the down-time of your website. But with the help of this small Google script written by Amit Argawal from Digital Inspiration you can properly monitor the down time of any websites. Even you can get SMS notification to let you know your website went down.

How to monitor downtime of any website using Google Script?

In order to use this Google Script, you have to log in to your G-mail account. Once you are logged in Click here to copy a spreadsheet to your Google Drive. Go a head and make a copy. Now you will see something like in the image below.

how to monitor the downtime of the website for free

Write down the website name that you want to monitor the down time and the email address where you want to receive the notification. You can also choose to receive a SMS notification by replacing “No” with “Yes“. Follow these steps to make sure you have entered your Phone Number.


When you finish writing your website’s name and email address click on “Website Monitor” on the menu and again click on “Step 1: Initialize” and you have to give permission for this script in-order to run. Go a head and Click on “OK” to give the permission.

Now again click on “Website Monitor” on the menu and again click on “Step 2: Start Website Monitor“. That is it folks, it is as simple as that. If you would like to stop using this script just click on “Uninstall(Stop Using)” on the same menu.

How does this Google Script really works in Simple words?


Well in Simple words this Google scripts runs every 5 minutes and try to fetch your websites. If it gets the response then it is no problem otherwise it knows your website is down. And if you have entered phone number, then you will also get the Sms notification.  If your website is down it creates an event in your Google Calendar but with an SMS reminder after 30 seconds. And after 30 seconds you will get a SMS notification.

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