May 21, 2019

Access and Organize All Your Online Clouds and Storage From One Interface With Odrive

“Odrive brings all of your files together in one place.” What does this mean?  You may use different online clouds, and as the space provided by one online cloud is not enough for you, making a account on the same website or on a new website is your option. Sometimes you end up making accounts on more than three online cloud provider. It becomes hard for you to manage all those files on those clouds, it is where odrive comes in.

odrive get all your shit together
Photo albums on Facebook? Files on Dropbox? Projects on Google Drive? odrive links to different apps and turns them into a folder for you.


What you can link?

Below are all the apps and services you can currently use odrive with.
Cloud Storage : Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Oxygen Cloud
File Server: Windows, Linux, OSX
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Gmail
For Work: Salesforce, FTP, WeDAV

Why would someone wants to use Odrive instead of any other online clouds?

As I have already said before in the beginning: Sometimes for more space you open accounts on different websites. If you have different interfaces for your files in different websites than it becomes difficult to organize all those files. You need to log in to all those websites and need to search for the data you want in different clouds. Odrives makes it easier, it links to different apps and turns them into a folder for you so that you don’t need to login and launch a dozen apps just to get to your stuff! In short it helps you to Get all your shit together.

How to Install and configure odrive for Windows and Mac?

Odrive makes it easy to access multiple accounts from one place. There is no need to login and out of your accounts to switch between them. Add as many accounts as you need.

Step 1


You just need to download odrive and install on your PC or MAC. A folder will be created where you can add all the online clouds.

sync everything with odrive

Step 2

Once it is installed run it. A window security alert may pop up for windows users: Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program. Just click on Allow access.

Step 3

Now you can link any online cloud now. Select “Add Link”, and you can select which app or storage you want to sync with odrive.

open new link in odriveThe source you linked will now appear as a new folder inside odrive.

Is odrive really useful, or will it create more headaches than it solves?

Going to different websites and login in or downloading different software for different online cloud provider and installing on the computer is more headache than just installing one software to access all those files on different clouds. This is not the only reason why odrive is awesome, odrive also includes “progressive syncing”: what it means is that larger files ( at the moment over 10 megabytes), will only sync when users selects them. It is a nice feature that will help you save your computer space and bandwidth. odrive also acts as a search tool: users can set up hashtag searches and create a folder that will be updated in real time – for example a user could have a folder with all public images tagged  #GIRLSWITHTATTOOS.


odrive simplifies the cloud by making everything available in one folder on your desktop. odrive puts the user at the center with access to all platforms. So in my view odrive does not create more headaches than it solves.

Some thoughts:

This is by far one of my favourite software that I have used. I would love to see more famous online clouds like MEGA and others that could be linked to odrive. Odrive give you a folder interface for browsing all of your online cloud files, as if they were files on your hard drive. You can manage your all files stored in many online clouds from only one interface. That is what makes odrive awesome.

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