May 21, 2019

Access Netfilx and Hulu from outside the USA

Most of the people are crazy over the shows in America, as it produce some good quality TV shoes. There are some website where you can watch these shows but only in USA.

These awesome websites like hulu and netflix are not available on other countries but only in USA. You can watch many American shows from these website. However as it says in the receptive website, they are not available in other countries rather USA.

But there is a way to get access to these website. MediaHint is the extension, that you can download and install in your browser.

After you have downloaded on Google chrome go to settings>>tools>>extentions.

There you drag and drop the Media hunt extension that you downloaded. It is not included on the Google Web store so you may need to accepts some conditions, and you are done.
Now you will be able to access all these website in any part of the world.

Same thing implies to Firefox.

Here is the detailed video.


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