June 18, 2019

Best four ways to keep your Phones charged in power blackout

How are you going to keep your mobile phone up and running if suddenly the power goes out and there is a blackout. You never know when power goes out unexpectedly. Since we rely on our cell phones these days too much,it better to keep in mind the battery saving tips all the time. So here are the top four tips that you can always rely on.

1. Use battery saving applications

There are many applications that promises to keep your mobiles from draining your battery. Use one of these tools, there is one application that I prefer the most, as I use Android phone Deep sleep Battery saver is the best app. JuiceDefender is also preferred app in Android. You can also search something similar in Apple store.

2.Keep your Laptop full charged

No matter what, always try to keep your laptop full charged. And don’t use that power untill and unless you need. As you use your phone to do different kinds of stuffs, you need that power for your phone to charge.

3.Use your phone when you really need it

Close all the applications that you don’t need, all those useless features and background running application can be closed. GPS, updates and unimportant notification can be disabled.

4.Backup Charge

You can buy a extra battery for your phone, couple of them are even better. You can buy them cheap in ebay or amazon. In this way if one of the battery goes down you have couple of them more. Buying a solar based charger is also good idea.
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