June 18, 2019

Best Online Free Conference Calling Services that you should probably use

Doesn’t matter who you are, a Business man, Start-up company, governmental organization or anyone, there comes a day when you have to make a conference call with other partner of you. Unless you are a high budget company with money to actually invest on the technology to make a conference call, you want to go with cheap or even free services that provides you with high quality conference calling services.

Rondee was the champ at coordinating conference calls, but as Yahoo decided to buy it, it no longer providing online conference services. But, fortunately there are plenty of champs out there who are providing the high quality conference service.




UberConference, the popular conference calling service with lots of features. Call as much as you like and use all the core UberConference features for free. Their free service includes unlimited free conference calls to an assigned number, a rich visual conferencing interface with social contact integration, and call management features like mute, group chat, and call recording.

It also provides services like Google Hangout from a phone. Once you have installed the UberConference app in Hangouts, people can join your call via phone with the help of a dedicated number. Web Conference is just the amazing service that you can use. You can just start conferencing from your browser. You can also Share Document  from Google Drive, Drop Box, Evernote. And it is just few of the features, there are tons and tons of awesome features. In short it kicks the a** of other Conference Services. You can also download the app for Android and IOS devices.




Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, one of the best services that I have seen. There are tons of features you can enjoy here, free conference call recording, playback and download, free international access numbers and lots more. Up-to 1000 callers can do conference calling for up-to 6 hours.

Related services from this website includes FreeConferencing.com- with conference web controls, FreeConferenceCallHD.com with high definition sound geared to higher quality equipment, FreeScreenSharing.com- with unlimited real-time sharing of desktop content- toll-free conferencing, voicemail and voice messaging solutions, mobile phone applications, and International Conferencing (with domestic dialing) in over 15 countries and growing.



Wiggio.com is a free, online toolkit that makes it easy to work in groups. Along with conference call, it provides the services like Hosting Virtual meetings, Managing events with a shared calender, Creating to-do list, assigning task, Poll in the group in real time, Sending email, voice message, text and also uploading and managing files in a shared folder.



free-call-recording-ss2The service is free to use from any type of phone, anywhere and easy for all. You can host conference call with 1000 callers anytime. Only domestic long-distance rates may apply as determined by each caller’s long-distance carrier. If the caller has nationwide long-distance plan, is using a cell phone or most popular VOIP services, the conference call will likely cost them nothing to call.Their conference service can be used along with all the popular web conferencing services out there.

Now we would like to hear from you, what other service are you using and satisfied with. Have you ever used any of these mentioned services? What do you think about their quality?

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