May 21, 2019

Best Online Web Conference Call Services, Consider these conference calling service for your business

Sometimes also referred to as Webinars, Web Conferencing allows real time point-to-point communications as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. You can also send text based message, and includes the services like Audio Conferencing to be shared among the users. Some other nice features of web conferencing are VOIP, Meeting Recordings, Text chat, Polls, Surverys, Screen/desktop Sharing and much much more.

Apart from Adobe Connect and Lync, which belongs to Adobe and Microsoft respectively, here are the list Best Web Conferencing Call Services.



Anymeeting is Lifestohack recommended, cheap and affordable for small business. Whether it’s through your text chat, Q&A feature or live polls, you can keep your audience engaged. Free plan supports maximum of 200 attendees with ad supported but not all feature. Pro 25 plan supports only 25 attendees but with all features provided by anymeeting. If you want to take full advantage than you can choose Pro 200 plan with maximum 200 attendees and all features includes. Some of the features are Unlimited meetings, Integrated Conference Calling & VoIP, Social website integration, paypal integration, Google apps and outlook integration, File-sharing and so much more.



Host your own online Seminars with GoToWebinar which is easy-to-use features and which simplifies your Internet conference experience. It has tons of awesome features like HD video conferencing, Full Desktop sharing or Specific application sharing, transfer keyboard and mouse control, chat, multiple monitor support, Drawing tools, web and audio recording, Instantly changing presenters, audio via phone or computer mic and speakers, Mac or PC support and so on. You can try for free till 30 days and you can choose your plan according to how many attendees will join your web conference.

Cisco Webex


Once you are all in the meeting, share easily and work together effectively. You will be able to show files, apps, or your whole desktop.  In a WebEx Video Conference, you can choose full screen with high-definition video, or see up to seven people at a time. The current speaker is always highlighted dynamically, so you’ll know who’s doing the talking. Everything is easy to use and is organized on the one place. You can review, comment and chat with each and everyone’s ideas. These services are provided from WebEx Cloud which has highest levels of performance and security.


readytalk_web_conferenceUsing ReadyTalk’s user-friendly interface and robust in-meeting tools, you can conduct webinars, sales demos, training sessions and lot more. You get a US/Canada toll-free number. Share slides, your desktop, pre-recorded video and so on. If you want to try, you can get 30 days trail and than you can choose your plan according to your needs. It is specially for Big business with upto 3000 web Participants. One bad thing about this service is that Broadcast audio streaming is not available in their conferencing packages.


clickmeeting_web_conferencing_servicesClickMeeting provides with discounts for Non-profit organization in recognition of the important work around the world. Best for large organization and Enterprise, it supports maximum of 1000 attendees. Some of the features provided by clickmeeting are Desktop sharing, Remote screen control, Audio and Video Conferencing, Meeting Room Rebranding, Moderated (Q&A) and Private Chat etc. One of the best features that other Web conference call service provider don’t provide and clickmeeting provides is that you can go global with instant chat translation to different language.



Similar to GoToMeeting or Webex but cheaper, sleeker and easier to use for host and users. MeetingBurner gives you everything you need at at a price that’s easy on your wallet, starting with a forever free account that’s not ad supported.You can sharing your screen, browser or a presentation and much more. It offers live streaming video and integrated conference calling. It’s easy to swap presenters, record and share meetings, and even charge for attendance.


intercall_web_conferencing_servicesInterCall’s features and simplicity make it one of the best web conferencing services. It is good for both Small Business and Enterprise. You don’t need to download anything to join a meeting. Because Participants do not have to download an application, so they will able to join any  presentation immediately. One bad thing about this service is that it is not supported on MAC. It offers an expansive list of features that will help keep your online meetings going in the right direction.

Some of the other Web Conference Call service Providers are PGI, ExoPlatform. These services also provides solution to your needs. You can decide which service is better for you, according to your needs. Tell us which web conference service you are using now and if you are satisfied. Is there any better options than mentioned above?

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