May 21, 2019

Best Start Screen Customization App for Windows phone

Despite of being backwards in competition with Android and Apple devices, windows phone are still doing fair and are on the market. People don’t really use Windows phone because you don’t get much of the personalization with it. But there is a Windows app, that provides you more customization that others.

Windows app oneStart phoneOneStart focuses on making your Start screen more classy.  It is a free as well as paid Windows Phone 8.1 app which can creating classy background image for your Start Screen. It can generate various beautiful background picture that has high-resolution (HD) and can perfectly fit your Start screen with no need to crop.


OneStart also has some features related to tiles, which can help you designing a better Start screen.  The free version of OneStart gives you access to a selection of color options, Smooth gradient between any two colors. Bright colors, dreamlike blending, Generating colorful Low Poly picture with fast speed. Changeable, distinctive and unique  will require a $.99 in-app purchase to unlock the Pro version.

You can also use QR scan app to go to download page.

You also can apply these background pictures to your lock screen or apps which support customizing background picture, such as WhatsApp, WeChat and QQ.


  • OneStart – Windows Phone 8.1 – Free – Store Link
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