April 26, 2019

Best Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 themes that will make your Desktop look awesome

The themes presented here is the third party themes. The reason is, the theme provided by Microsoft Windows is not that really eye catching and awesome. Third party themes are awesome, highly personalized and improve user’s experiences. But you will not be able to install third party themes directly as you do while installing themes provided by Microsoft.

How to install the themes?


As I said before you will not be able to install third party themes directly by downloading and double clicking. You have to you must first patch the some of the .dll file on your computer.

Easily patch these files via UltraUxThemePatcher. Simply download the application and then follow some simple on screen instructions to install it. UxStyle is another software that relaxes Windows theme signature requirements to enable third-party customization. After you install this small  software, than only you will be able to install all the awesome themes. Uncheck the ‘Set Windows X’s Live as default home page’ option unless you do want your browser’s home page to be changed and then you can click on ‘Patch’ button. Congratulation you will be able to install any theme you like. Here you will find Top 10 best windows 8 and windows 8.1 theme.

You don’t have to install both software, you just need one software according to the theme you choose. Normally install UxStyle for installing theme for Window 8.1 and UltraUxThemePatcher for Windows 8. After you download the theme and extracted the zip file, copy those extracted files on C:Windows/Resources/Themes.

 Themes For Windows 8


 Alduin W8 Port






Themes For Windows 8.1







Themes Compatible with Both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1


Bel Minimal Theme


 Claroclaro_for_windows_8__and_8_1_by_2befree-d6s4apl.pngHope you like the theme above. These are clean, eye-catching and awesome. Do you have more awesome themes? Share with us. I also want to try more themes.

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