June 18, 2019

Bigger or Smaller Phones. Does size really matter?

I request my readers to understand this on technical way, not otherwise. Till now this question use to really bug me, but now I am satisfied. I have heard many people saying bigger the better. But not always, I think it is the same whether it is bigger or smaller.

I have HTC sensation XL, which has the bigger screen and I have been using this Android since over a year now. Before I thought the same that bigger SCREEN is better, but now i have come to know that smaller screen is not that bad also. It all depends on the user.

To find the answer to this question, last month i tired using IPHONE 4S. I used this IOS device for 1 month. Remember it, I am not trying to start a IOS and Android OS war, but only the size of the screen. 

It started just bad. I was used to bigger screen, a Big screen comes in handy for viewing text-heavy Web pages, and reduces the trouble of scrolling, coupled with a higher resolution, you get to see a lot more detail in your pictures and videos, but afterwards using smaller screen also went good. 
I felt before Big screen was kind of uncomfortable but now with smaller Screen
fit well into skinny jeans and can be comfortable for one-handed typing. 

May be most of the people did not notice what smaller phones are good for. It comes in handy than the Phones with bigger screen. The disadvantage of these large screens is that they are more power-hungry, which can take a toll on phones’ limited battery life.

“The big screens always have better quality, you can’t find small screens with good quality that will satisfy you, and also bigger screen gives you a nice big view instead of the small ugly icons where you can’t see and enjoy the details. The important of all it feels nice in the hand.” says a Big screen lover +Azzam Elmagid .

CONCLUSION: It just depends on the user whether it is nice to have bigger or smaller screen. I just wanted to know what it feels to use smaller screen and it was not a bad experiences either. Afterwards i revert back to my Android phone HTC Sensation XL. I don’t say I loved smaller screen very much but I prefer bigger screen over smaller screen because playing games and watching videos will be much more user friendly experiences in bigger screen smartphones.    

Tell us what do you think, What do you prefer a Phones with Smaller or Bigger Screen.

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