May 21, 2019

Download Android L themes, Launcher, Icon Pack, Keyboard, LockScreen and Dialer

Android L is an upcoming release of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google. Unveiled on June 25, 2014, and released in a beta the next day for selected Google Nexus devices. But if you still haven’t put your hands on Android L, below mentioned launcher, themes, lock-screen, dailer, Icon Pack and wallpapers offers a great taste of some real sweet features.

Android L Launcher Theme

android L laucher theme
android L laucher theme 5
android L laucher theme homescreen

Theme has all kinds of components to it, looks like the developer puts a lot of thought into it. Give your phone or tablet the latest Android style with completely custom-designed icon pack, wallpapers, dock bars, folder enhancements, full launcher elements, included widgets and much more. This theme supports nearly every launcher with FULL support for: Nova, Aviate, Apex, Next 3D (with 3D scene mode support), TSF Shell, GO, Solo, Smart, ADW, Action, Holo, Atom, Lucid, and most others.

Android L Theme – CM11

android l theme c11 homescreen android l theme c11 keyboard android l theme c11

Android L Theme which is especially designed for Custom Roms offers you as close of an experience of having Android L on your phone as possible. Every element has been carefully themed and revised. Everything is included in the package: Everything is included! Style, icons, bootanimation, alarms, notification, ringtones, wallpaper. You can also download the dark version of this theme. It supports the Custom Roms like Cyanogenmod, Paranoid Android rom, Mahdi rom, Liquidsmooth, Carbonrom, Dirty Unicorn, N5X, C-rom, Evervolv AND MORE!

Android L – Material Theme

android L material theme homescreen android L material theme lockscreen android L material theme

This theme is only compatible with the CM Theme Engine (CM11/PA/CARBON/PAC…).  There are still some issue, but it is improving with each new updates. If the Wifi settings crash, upgrade the Rom to the latest nightly, it’s a bug of CM11. After setting the theme do not forget to  restart the phone to display the theme correctly.

Android L – CM 11 Theme

android L blue theme homescreenandroid L dark c11 theme lockscreen android L dark c11 theme gmail

Android L theme for your CM11 or AOSP based rom with Theme engine support. You can also download Dark and Blue version of this Theme.

Xperia™ theme: L FREE

sony xperia themes homescreensony xperia themesony xperia theme settings

It is for Sony Xperia users, enjoy the fullest Android L experience on your Xperia™ smartphone. Be sure that you have Android version above 4.3 and it requires Root and Superuser mod.

Android L Icon Pack

android L Icon Pack

The Android L Icon Pack theme with gorgeous UI is now available for Solo Launcher, You should install Solo Launcher in order to install this Icon Pack. Brand new Android L Icon Pack style,5-STARS quality, 100+Beautiful redesigned HD (144*144) icons and more.

Android L Icons & Weather Skin

android l icons and weather

Android L Icons & Weather Skin theme with gorgeous design. You need Solo Launcher to use these Icons. Weather Widget Skin : weather forecast can displayed in your home screen.

Android L LockScreen

android L lockscreen theme settingsandroid L lockscreenandroid L lockscreen theme

Android L like swiping unlock feature . Swipe left to unlock Dialer,Swipe right to unlock camera.Swipe top to unlock phone. All android L wallpapers available to set as background. Android L like notifications . Swipe to remove the notifications , click to see the detail. And much more features.

Android L Keyboard Pro

android L keyboard theme android L keyboardwpid-wp-1406471330159.png

Android L Keyboard Pro is Material design styled keyboard for your device. Get the look and feel of the upcoming Android L.

ExDialer Theme Android L

android L exdailer theme contacts android L exdailer theme material android L exdailer theme

Theme that imitate Android L Developer Preview dialer as much as possible it make for ExDialer. Has “circle” animation for pressed buttons and tabs. After installation click OPEN button in market to open exDialer.

Android L Wallpaper

There are couple of android apps that provides Android L wallpaper. Android L wallpaper and Android L Wallpapers HD are some of them.  But if you don’t want to install any app but just want to download the wallpaper, you can download from here.

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