May 26, 2019

Download any restricted app from Google Play store with APK Downloader Extension

Google Play Store often blocks apps that are incompatible to your device, or sometime even they block the apps according to country you live in apparently due to no reasons. Sometime it is very annoying to know that you cannot install the apps just because it is not available on your country or sometime it says it is incompatible. But now with the help of APK Downloader Extension now you would be able to download the blocked app on your country or incompatible or restricted apps.



Before you start

Make sure you have Google Play Service installed on your android device before you start ahead. Without Google Play Service this method will not work.

How to download the restricted app from Google Play Store?

First of all you have to install APK Downloader Extension from Play Store which contains ad but also you can download the ad free version. After you have finish installing the app go-ahead and launch it. Now you will something like the image below.


On the Empty box you have to enter the package name of the restricted app that you want to download. Just see the image below to know what is the package name?

There is also other way to use this app. After you have installed APK Downloader Extension, it adds a “share” button to android browsers in your smartphone, so you can go to play store in your android browser(not the Play Store app but open the android browser and open the Play Store) search for apps using your browser and then click share and choose APK Downloader Extension and it will add the package name and you can just click Get button to download the restricted app that you want.


If you need more help you can see the video below.

It is a open source app, so if you want to see the source code for this app you can also review the code. So, did you use this app and did you downloaded the app that you wanted to download. Did you ran into any problem? Let us know.

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