June 18, 2019

Evolution of Small Laptops with higher Cost.

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I just wanted my thoughts out about the revolution going around with laptops. Every body wants laptops, checking the Email, writing a report or want to search something to write for the report, Social networks, videos, games and so much more. Not so many people can live without computers. Well this article is about laptops that is portable but not necessarily about bulky Desktop Computers.

Four years ago I bought a Acer laptop that was about 17 inches, lately I have some problems with my laptop. Shuts down without no reasons, dvd drive does not work good, and many more. That was the reason I wanted to buy a new laptop. Being a student, carrying around a laptop has been really helpful for me.  Carrying the laptop to the lecture or working on some reports on the way to University has been really easy. But also around 17 inches is really big and heavy too.

Then I decided to buy a small laptop around 14 inches and light weight. As a student I was really happy, getting a new laptop without any problem, easy to carry to any lectures and easily make notes., no Laptops fan sound anymore(for few months) during the lectures, long battery life. But not being really a tech fan, has made it difficult for me to choose the best laptop.  I didn’t know how to really choose a good computer, than I started searching in the internet about how to choose a good computer. After searching for a little while, I came up with some lists that I want to consider before buying a new computer.


I even searched for numbers for big laptop companies like Dell, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Sony and many more where I could see the specification for laptops. To my surprise, I could not find a single computer that could fit my list that I made earlier on my budget of 600 Euro. 13.3 or 14 inches, Dvd RW, Window 7, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB storage and some minor functions and nice look that I wanted for my new Laptop.

My main reason writing this article has a different  direction. What I have found is small laptops with not so many functions but has a nice look, it cost more money than the laptop with bigger screen with many functions. Smaller laptops are more expensive than the big laptops. I really don’t understand the marketing factors that the companies has considered. Isn’t it that making a big laptop with many functions takes more effort and materials than a small laptops with not so many functions? In my view Laptop industries has been heading towards the wrong direction.

On the contrary, smartphones have been becoming bigger. On the other hand laptops are becoming smaller. Bigger Smartphones and Small laptops have been valued with more money. I am waiting for the day when average Smartphones will be the size of the tablets(or you can say tablets are already the bigger Smartphones) and average computers will be the size of the tablets or Smartphones, to see the average pricing for these pieces of technology(I mean average, we already can see some pieces of technology out there). Companies should be more about worried about inventing new technologies than making the same thing in different sizes for money.


As a student, I couldn’t afford the costly laptop. I wanted a nice and small laptops but it is really expensive, after going through each and every laptops companies mentioned above, I did not find any laptops that fits my criteria with the budget of 600 Euros. Prices are rising from  600 Euros till 1500 euros or more. But have to find a good one, which is not too expensive but suitable for working at home as well as possible for carrying long ways. Not so easy I would say – but after long searching and cutting some criteria, I found the Lenovo Ideapad U330P and U430P which fulfilled my requirements(Without DVD drive). It´s small (available in 13/14 inch), has a 4 cell battery, with 500 GB of Storage, 4 GB Ram, 4th Generation Intel Core i5-4200U Processor for the price of 589,99 and 599,99 euros respectively. Searching for many days and hours, it was the best result that I came up with. Of course – everyone has an individual taste on laptops, it was mine.

lenovo-laptop-ideapad-u330p-gray-cover-12 lenovo-laptop-ideapad-u330p-gray-side-back-10





I hope one day Companies will be really serious about making new techs than just making the same piece of tech in different sizes. I know they are already serious, but not enough. And the most important, Small and affordable for students like me.

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