May 21, 2019

Find Html Colour Code of any colour online or offline and Some basic Html Colour code you should Remember

Remembering all the colour codes is probably not possible as there are about 16,777,216 colours code. Any way Most modern monitors are capable of displaying at least 16384 different colours. But they are also too much to remember.

Basically the colour codes are based on three main colours, Red, Green, Blue.

Red #FF0000 Green #00FF00 Blue #0000FF


And this is how they mix.

colourcodeRed + Blue = Magenta

Red + Green = Yellow

Green + Blue = Cyan

Red + Blue + Green = White


If you are a newbie in web development or just want to know some basic colour codes then Remembering the colour codes below will probably help you a lot.

Black #000000 White #FFFFFF Gray or Grey #808080
Cyan #00FFFF Silver #C0C0C0 Olive #808000
LightBlue #ADD8E6 Orange #FFA500 DarkBlue #0000A0
Purple #800080 Brown #A52A2A Magenta #FF00FF
Yellow #FFFF00 Maroon #800000 Lime #00FF00

You see above the colour code always starts with “#” followed by six numbers. First 2 digits denote red, the second 2 digital are for green and last 2 digit represent the blue(#RRGGBB). When you need a color, tend to think in terms of RGB.


Let’s see the basic colours. Red is #FF0000, here according to the representation #RRGGBB, RR is FF, GG is 00  and BB is also 00, only red and no green and no blue. It is same with Green : #00FF00: RR is 00(no red), GG is 80(only green) and BB is 00(no blue). Blue is #0000FF: RR is 00, GG is 00  and BB is also FF, Only Blue and no green and no red.

If you want to darken any color, you need to move the color towards black #000000. Similarly, if you want to lighten any colour, move towards white #FFFFFF.

Let’s take a hard example, you want to use Brown colour somewhere on your webpage. Well, we know R+G = yellow, and orange is yellow+red, so we need more red in our yellow. Since red is capped at #FF, we can instead reduce green. The more we reduce the green, the less the color is yellow, so if we go to #80 for the green, we’ve got twice as much red as green, giving a nice orange. From there, brown is just a dark orange so we cut each value in half again, giving #80 for red and #40 for green. Throw in a touch of blue to desaturated it a little and you’ve got #804010.

The key trick is to just mess around with it, as well as learn your hex.


How to see the code of the any colour online?

If you don’t want to remember any of these, just go to online and see the colour code. Html-color-codes, Colorpicker are some of the awesome websites that will help you.

How to see the code of the any colour offline?

May be you are not connected to internet always due to various reasons. So, in this case you can download this small piece of software that will help you know colour code of any colour. PixieColor Cop, Color Archiver, Color Selector, CPick, Just Color Picker, ColorMania are some of the many standalone appthat will help you find colour codes.

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