April 26, 2019

Got your IP banned on many websites? Know how to deal with this Problem.

Getting banned on websites for the mistake that you did not do is just annoying. Just the other day, I realized that my roommate whom I share my internet with, got our IP banned from many websites including Netflix and Amazon. As he moved out I don’t really know what he did that resulted onto banning of the IP address.

Ip address blocked

There are many way around this problem and every ways may not work all the time but it is worth of shot. I think the bigger question here is why do you think your IP address got banned? What you’re asking for is what I like to call the “Bad Habit”. You’re asking for a solution to what you think is the fix. You’re not asking for the solution to the problem. To diagnose that, you can send each website that has banned your IP address a message with your IP address and with relevant information and asking for the reasons to be banned? After you got your answer you can request them to lift the ban or discuss the relevant solutions.


You can also try to change the IP address of your router, when the ip address is banned than getting a new ip address could help you. One way to do that is in command line do an ipconfig/all to see what your DHCP address is. Write it down, then do ipconfig/release then a ipconfig/renew. Do this multiple times to see if you can get a new IP address. Should you see a new IP address, try those websites and see what happens. Also you could try getting a new modem, that will give you a new MAC address. That will result in you getting a new address by DHCP.


If you’re connecting via PPPoE(Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet) you will not be able to change your IP. Although, if your connection is a DHCP connection, it may be statically assigned to your MAC address or a username/password. You can try to renew the lease in your Modem, or change the MAC address in the modem as well.

You could also try some general way to change the IP address that works sometimes. Restarting or factory resetting the modem could help you get a IP address. But as said may not work all the time. Normally the easy method is to simply disconnect your modem from the router for 15-30 minutes and then hook it up directly to a PC. Call your ISP(Internet Service Provider) if needed and notify the problem, hopefully they will change the IP address.


If nothing works for you than you can always try using VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can choose the best VPN services available on the market. Some of them are free and some of them are paid service.

Do you know more ways to deal with this problem that is not mentioned here? Let us know.

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