May 26, 2019

Hacker’s Basics Way to Stay Anonymous

Now a days a lot of people want to be hackers. It is a good thing to have some extra stuffs in our knowledge bank. But when you are caught hacking some organisation server or anything you are hacking than you can be punished harshly. It is a well known fact that governments all over the world are increasing surveillance on their citizens. So Being Anonymous is the Basic thing for a hacker. Without being Anonymous no hacker will hack anything. If you are planning to be a hacker that society consider to be bad, then you will be really worried about your anonymity. So let’s see the hackers way to stay Anonymous.

1. VPN

VPN is the short form of Virtual Private Network. For hacker to use the VPN there are some of the points that they consider.

  • Keeps your IP address Anonymous.
  • Hide your online activities from third parties.
  • Prevent location identification(Geographical location).

I have already explained what are the best and secure VPN available that you can use. Please follow the link before reading next points.


Proxies are less secure alternatives for VPN’s. Websites record your IP address every time you visit them.  They may use this to track you. Some countries block certain websites. Web-based proxies can be used to bypass these hurdles. The good thing is that you just need a browser, no other setup required. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the proxies will not last for ever. The available proxy address will change from time to time which is a best thing for staying anonymous.

Some of the Proxy sites that you can use:

3.Virtual Machines

When you are using your computer it is logging each and everything that you are doing. If Police catch you they search for logging in your computer to prove that you were hacking. You may not know where are those log files, but you don’t know where those log files are doesn’t mean it is not logging the data. So best way is to use Virtual Machine, and if you think you are not confidence enough than you can just destroy the virtual machine. Destroy mean just delete it from your Virtual Machines. It is also a best way to test your exploits before actually start hacking.

List of Virtual Machines.

4. Be carefull before putting your DOX Info

There are many examples hackers being busted because of the dox information that they kept in the hacking software client or in the server that they hacked. I hate to say but some people are dumb. If you are confidence than go ahead but I would like to call that over confidence. I say don’t put any of your dox information. But anyway if you want to put some fake name than you can use this fake name generator website to generate some fake profiles.

Final Words:

Let me say again, it is the hackers Basics way to be anonymous, These cannot assure 100% anonymity. It is just for Information purpose and in no way I am motivating you to hack. Don’t blame me if police shows at your house because you hacked or try hacking.

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