May 21, 2019

Host your Own Online Storage Service(Self-hosted online Cloud)

The key difference between self hosted Cloud and such popular cloud storage serves as Dropbox, Google Drive, and others, which store your data at remote third-party data centers is that you get to pick where you want to stores your data. It is really interesting to host your own cloud service and as myself using a self-hosted cloud service I am pretty satisfied. Many people use the well known services for online storage but now you can also now self-hosted cloud services. online-storageOne of the main advantages of hosting your own cloud services is Privacy. If you don’t trust the services like Google Drive or One Drive than this has advantages for you. It can also be relatively cheap than paying for those services and you don’t have limitation on the synchronization or downloading of data.

Here is the list of best Self-Hosted Cloud Storage that you can use.

1. OwnCloud

owncloudownCloud provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices — wherever you are. It also provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web. It has really nice web view that is really easy to use.


ownCloud is an Open Source project that has been in development for a number of years. I have tried it out in the past and till now. I am really satisfied and recommend it to every one. The core of the ownCloud solution is the ownCloud server. Unlike consumer-grade file sharing services, ownCloud’s server enables IT to protect and manage files within the ownCloud environment – from file storage to user provisioning and data processing. ownCloud monitors and logs all data access events for downstream auditing and analysis using popular tools like Splunk®.

Besides the web UI, OwnCloud offers downloads for Mac, Linux and PC to manage and sync your chosen files and folders automatically. You can even download it for your Android  or IOS phone.



Pydio formerly known as AjaXplorer allows you to instantly turn any server into a powerful file sharing platform. As easy to use as great consumer software, Pydio is designed to provide enterprise grade security and control. It is Unbelievably easy to install for System Administrators, Pydio connects instantly to your existing employee directories.

Features of this application are:

  • Application allows to schedule one or more synchronization task between a workspace of a given Pydio installation and an arbitrary local folder.
  • Supports BI-directionnal sync, but also upload only (backup) or download only (mirroring) patterns, plus conflicts auto-solving.
  • Delta-based sync for files contents to limit network bandwith (requires php rsync extension installed on server).
  • System Tray icon to follow all operations progress and access the configuration menu.
  • Quick access to the local folder (via Explorer or Finder) and the remote workspace.

It looks simple, sleek and beautiful. You can download Mac, Linux and PC client also. You can also download Android and IOS version for Smartphones.



projectsendProjectSend provides easy and secure multi-file uploading and unlimited file size on ANY server! Even on common hostings shared accounts. It is a free, clients-oriented, private file sharing web application. Clients are created and assigned a username and a password. Then you can upload as much files as you want under each account, and optionally add a name and description to them.

ProjectSend provides easy and secure multi-file uploading and unlimited file size on ANY server! Even on common hosting shared accounts.

When the client logs in, he will see a web page that contains your company logo, and a sortable list of every file uploaded under his name, with description, time, date, etc. It also works as a history of “sent” files. They can check the differences between versions, the time that it took to do that, and so on.

Some other Scripts:

  1. eXtplorer
  2. PHPfileNavigator

Do you know any other option other than the one listed above? If you think you have even better, just let us know. This article will definitely be updated if we found something better.

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