June 18, 2019

How Can you Improve your Mobile Typing Skills?

Typing on a touch screen is a very different experience.Unlike the keyboard of the Laptop or Desktop, it is different. Typing on the small touch screen is always a problem, but what if you could type faster.

Typing on a touchscreen will never offer the same speed and precision of a good hardware keyboard, but you can improve if you practice well and employ a few tricks. If you’re still typing slow, don’t despair. Just take the time to figure out what works for you and you’ll boost your speed and accuracy before you know it.

Yes, today we will discuss some ideas how to make your mobile typing skills good.

1. Find Your Strengths and Places of Comfort
2.Re-Learn to Type on a Touchscreen
3.Get a Better “Keyboard”
4.Use Text Expansion

Lifehacker have briefly talked about these points. Click here to go to the page where it is explained each and every point.

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