June 18, 2019

How to access the most used apps in android really fast?

Generally we keep the apps that we frequently use in the home-screen so that it will easier to us when we need it. But when we have the lot of lot of home-screen than we start searching for the app that we need. Sometime we also access the app from Recently Used App function but if we closed it than we don’t have chance. So if you think you don’t really have the way to reach your frequently used app fast when you need it. But not to worry, I have a tip for you which will help you open the apps that you frequently used very fast.


Hanger is a tool that provides easy, relevant shortcuts to your most used and relied upon apps. It makes the shortcuts to any apps that you use very often on your notification Drawer. The auto-updating notification drawer gives you suitable access to your most used app from anywhere in your Android Smartphone by keeping the order of the shortcuts based on your use of the apps.

wpid-wp-1402780188039.pngNotification Drawer!!!- you may ask. Yes, this place is not only for turning on and off some of the service(WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS. Duh!!!), but all the free space can be used for other purposes also. Why not use it launch your often used app? Notification Drawer can be accessed from anywhere when you are using our phone so, it is really convenient and easy way to launch apps.


You get many customization options on this app. One of the most important is auto-updating notification drawer according to your use that we have already talked about earlier. Changing the number of shortcuts, icon color, icon size, background and more.


Moreover you have additional re-size-able widget to launch apps – Hangar Apps Widget. So if you don’t like to use notification drawer to launch the app than you can also use the widget.


You also get the re-size-able widget to view app use statistics with color coded bar graphs – Hangar Stats Widget. This widgets intelligently scale according to the size of your Smartphone.



To sum of briefly, this small and intelligent piece of app is really helpful and will save your time when opening the most used app in your android device.

Download Hanger form Play Store

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