May 21, 2019

How to Add Custom Shortcuts to Your Google Chrome App Launcher?

If you want to add shortcuts to websites like those that you see in Google chrome in the app launcher tab here’s how you do it. It is simple process everyone can easily follow it.



  1. Icon for the launcher with 128x128px. You can make icons from or from somewhere else.
  2. Editor like Notepad or Notepad++. Anything will work.

So How to Add Custom Shortcuts to Your Google Chrome App Launcher?

Please follow all the steps thoroughly.
  1. Make a Folder in the Desktop or wherever you want to make it and name it whatever you want to name it. Whatever you do will be saved on this folder.
  2. Copy your 128x128px icon on the folder you created.
  3. Open up the Editor and Copy the following codes.


“name” : “Tipfortechs”,
“description” : “Tips and Tricks”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,


“launch”:{“web_url”: “”}}}


Change “Tipfortechs” to the desired name you want to give to the launcher.
Change “Tips and Tricks” to description of your launcher.
Change “http:://” with your desired website.
Change “icon_128.png” with the name of the picture that you saved in the folder.
4. Save this file to the folder that you created in step 1. with the name manifest.json

5. Now Go to Google Chrome and continue the following steps.

6. Then Click on the Settings.
7. Then on the upper left hand side click Extension.

8. Click on the Load unpacked extension and Browse to the folder that you created earlier where you have Icon and manifest.json file and click OK.

9. Now You should see the the name on the listing and if you go to the launcher of the Google chrome then you see Icon on the launcher like in the Picture below.

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