May 21, 2019

How to be smarter than the smartphone?

Your phone is smart. You should be too.

Smartphones has given us great power and flexibility. We can respond to email and messages from anywhere.  We can reach and be reached almost anytime.  It is a very powerful tool.Smartphones have taken over our lives and they are supposed to make our lives easier.They are supposed to help us get things done.Yet, often they are a source of frustration and distraction.
Today I will discuss the ways to be smarter than your smartphones. Keep in mind it is my thoughts, it may differ for you. 

Know How to Use It

If you are going to get a new smartphone, make sure to learn how to use it. In a few minutes on YouTube. It may be in vain but I really recommend to know to make it in silence very fast when you need it. In class room or anywhere you don’t want your phone to ring but unexpectedly it rings, have some shortcuts to make it in silence really quickly.

Turn Off Notifications

Yes I know I have heard many people asking if turning off the Notification was a good idea. Do you need to know right now that it’s your turn on Draw Something? Or that your friend just posted a picture of their dog on Instagram? Let the important app run for notification but for the app like those you can turn it off.

Learn some tricks

Probably you may not be aware but now a days internet call has been far more cheaper than the network call. Know which is better. Use GPS when you get lost, but don’t use it when you don’t need it. Learn many other tips and tricks.

Get rid of the time wasting app

Yes this is also a good idea. Just because you can install lots of app does not mean you should. You choose only the app that you really need.

Keep it far

We rely on our smartphones for many tasks, I personally think it is not a good idea. Be smarter than your smartphone and outsmart your smartphone. Whether at work or play, put that phone away when you are not using it. 

Remember who is the boss

Smartphones are supposed to make your life easy. They are supposed to help us get things done. Do not let it be opposite. Your smartphone is there for your needs, not the other way around.

Your smartphone and other tools have great potential to enable your lifestyle, as long as you remember who is in control.  Use them for your benefit.

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