June 18, 2019

How to Disable Map Network drive in Window Explorer in using GPE?

Map Network Drive can be disabled from the Group policy Editor so that users will not be allowed to connect to another computer in the same network.

To disable the Map Network drive option

1. Open your Local Group policy editor that you created.
(If you have not created one then click here to make one.)
2. Expand the  Group policy for the specific user that you have added and want to disable the Network Administration  so that Users will not be able to connect to the computer in same Network.
3. Navigate to UserConfiguration>Administrative tempaltes>Windows components>Window Explorer.

Things to remember:

Prevents that user use Windows Explorer or network environment, to connect or disconnect network drives.

Enabling this setting removes the commands “Map network drive” and “Disconnect network drive” from the toolbar and the menu “Extras” in Windows Explorer and network neighborhood.

This setting does not prevent users from connecting to another computer by typing “Run” to the name of a shared folder in the dialog box.

4. Search for Remove options “Map network drive” and “Disconnect network drive” .
5. Double click it and new window will appear.
6. Click on Activate and click OK.
Now if you open your My Computer there is no option for Map network drive.


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