March 26, 2019

How to disable the removable media such as CD/DVD and USB?

The removable media such as CD/DVD and USB can be disabled in standard user accounts from administrative accounts using group policy.

To disable the removable media such as CD/DVD and USB

1. Open your Local Group policy editor that you created.
(If you have not created one then click here to make one.)
2. Expand the  Group policy for the specific user that you have added and want to disable the USB or CD/DVD drives.
3. Go to UserConfiguration>Administrative tempaltes>System>Removable Media
4. Now on the right side search for the option All removable media classes: All access deny .
5. Double-click on it. New window Will appear.

Things to remember:

This policy setting takes precedence over all policy settings for individual removable media. Use the available policy settings for managing the individual classes.

If you enable this policy setting, any removable media classes will be inaccessible.

If you disable this policy setting or do not configure it, the read-write access to all removable media classes is approved.

6. Click on Activate and click OK.
7. Restart your computer and you are done. If you go that user account and try to open CD/DVD drive then it will say Access Denied. Same with USB media.

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