May 26, 2019

How to disable the USB Port of your computer for security reasons?

You want to keep your computer’s USB Port safe from others so that they can’t use their Portable storage device such as Pen drive to copy your files.

Let’s suppose a Scenario, Your friends are at your home and they are using your computer. You have some important documents, photos or any file that they want to copy.
Also you are at your office and may be some of your competitive colleague is jealous because of your work and can’t keep up with you. May be you are not felling safe, if he would steal your documents.

This the Perfect way to save your files form being stolen from your computer. May be you will be thinking what if they sent the files via emails and so. But not always what if the size is too big and also may be there is no internet connection. Almost every computer users have USB drive today so disabling your USB port when you are not around is a good idea.
There are many ways to do so. I will try to explain some simple methods.

Method 1: Using Registery

Click window sign from your desktop, Generally the start button. Search for “regedit” . Or you can go to Run and type “regedit” and run it.
Now the Regedit window will open. On the left side you can see many folders. Navigate to
You should be now be able to see some options on the right. See for “Start” on the right side of the window and double click.
Change the value to ‘4’ if you want to disable the USB Port. And to re-enable just type ‘3’.

Method 2: Using free software

There are many software to do this task, one of them is USB Port Locker. You can download the software below and start using it. It is really easy to use.
Download | USB Port Locker 
USB Port Locker is a lightweight utility that will help you lock all existing USB ports on your computer. This application is very useful if you want restrict the use of USB ports on your computer for security reasons.

Method 3: Using Device Manager

Click window sign from your desktop, Generally the start button. Search for “Device Manager”.  Under USB(Universal Serial Bus) controller there are the list of all the USB Ports. You can right click on them and disable them. To re-enable again right click and click Enable. It’s as simple as that.
Now that we call a security. When you are away just disable it and after you are back re-enable it again. Got any questions, We are always happy to help you.
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