May 21, 2019

How to Downgrade any Android app Easily?

Updating the apps brings more cool features and bug fixes but sometime it brings more bugs. Phone crashes and the apps stops working, just because the updated app had some bug. This is not the pleasant, when you expected to receive more cool features on your updated app but the only thing you receive is unexpected close down of your app and it stops working.


Downgrading the app to the previous version is the solution. But android doesn’t support downgrading any apps but only updating. If you are a developer and if you want to go on technical side then you could use your computer to downgrade any apps. You can install lower version over actual (higher) version of app using android feature “pm install -r -d file.apk”  command of Unix systems.wpid-wp-1406551339771.png

XDA Senior Member Pyler has made simple app AppDowner (Or you can use the QR code below to download the app) that could downgrade any apps on your android. It is simple to use and get the job done without any complicated process. Neither you have to learn any commands nor any other tricks. You should have the previous version of app that you want to downgrade to.After you have finished downloading this app, install it. Use any File Manager app to navigate to your memory and just tap on it to install it.


qr code for app_downgradeTo downgrade any app, you need to select the APK from your local storage by clicking on Select APK. Now choose the previous version of the app that you would like to install. Now tap on the Install APK button. That is simple as that, you can just relax and let AppDowner do it’s thing.

Did you downgraded any app, with the help of AppDowner, let us know. Did you get any complication during the process? We would love to help you.

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