June 18, 2019

How to Learn Programming Faster in less time?

“Learning programming is not what you do every Saturday and Sunday for fun. It is lot more harder than you think it is, but it does not have to be very difficult, either.” – BY ALEX ALLAIN
Being a programming you should start thinking like one. People often go out of track when studying programming language, but there are lots of things that you can do to make it easier for yourself.

1. Start learning with the codes.

Don’t just start studying the functions of the specific codes without running it, but at first look at the simplest program like “Hello world.”  Read the examples codes before the text which explains the codes itself.

2. After each and every example you read. Try to run it for outcome.

I know when you have a book to study form you may be thinking it is hell of a problem to copy all the codes to the computer. But look at the positive outcome, you will see what the program looks like in real. You can modify the program and learn from it. Experiment on it, try new things, add some codes , you have full flexibility to learn and always be creative.

3. Debug your Program.

People starting to study programming may be saying what the hell is Debugging. OK let me explain, A special program used to find errors in other programs(or In the lines of codes that you have written). A debugger allows a programmer to stop a program at any point and examine and change the values of variables.
A debugger can help you answering the question about what your lines of codes is doing. Debugging can be tedious and painful at first but after sometime you will get use to it. People starting to studying programming often ignore using Debugger but as a programmer I don’t recommend that.

4. Don’t just rely on one source.

Just don’t read one book for programming. There are many possibility for learning programming. Just don’t rely on one explanation of the codes. Read many on different books or in Internet. The more you gather information the better it is.  If you don’t understand anything seek out different sources. You can Email me also.

5. Starting doing Exercises.

One of the main thing when learning programming. Always try solving the exercises. Write your own codes.

6. Put in the time.

Don’t rush to learn Programming. It takes many hours of practicing problem- solving skills on different types of problems before you can call yourself an expert. Give time to yourself, don’t rush to another topic until you think you understood what you are programming.

7. Keep Learning.

Knowing one programming language is good, but knowing more than one is even better. No matter what kind of language you use most often, having the knowledge of others will make you a better programmer and better able to understand common construct and problems in the abstract.


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