May 26, 2019

How to Play the YouTube Videos on the Background or Foreground?

It happens to me all the time when I try to watch some video and someone messages me or I get the notification and the video stops playing. I even can’t let the video or music play in the background. YouTube has not included the function to play videos on background on their android application and it is a bit disappointing.


There are some android applications on the rescue for the limitation of YouTube. There are so many applications that you can find in the Google Play but not all of them gives the user a good experience.  Here I will try to list the apps that I found most users friendly and easy to use.


SuperTube is an amazing piece of app that lets you play the videos from YouTube in the foreground. Although the download link from Google play has been taken out, You should be able to download it from other app store. It is really user friendly. You can browse through all the apps that you have in your Smartphone and see the video at the same time.

uListen is another amazing piece of app that lets you play the music from YouTube. It doesn’t play the video but if you are looking to play the music from the YouTube, it is probably one of the best apps out there. I use both of these apps to play the video and music from YouTube and I am really satisfied.


There are many other apps out there but these are the one that I love to use. PVSTAR+ is another android app; the good thing about this app is that it doesn’t only support YouTube but also Dailymotion, Nicovideo and Vimeo.

Viral is also a really nice app.  You can connect to your YouTube and access to Watch Later, My Uploads, Playlists and much more. You can even reply directly to YouTube user’s comments. If you have found other nice app please tell me, I would love to try it.

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