June 18, 2019

How to Receive Files(let others upload) to your Dropbox from Anyone even if they are not on Dropbox?


You have a Blog or a website and you want users to upload something for you. But it is usually hard to manage all the attachment that they send to you. You have to download it and save it to your computer or may be even you need it in a go and again you have to copy it to your USB. Sometimes it just gets into your nerves.


Or your friend have got all the holidays pictures when you went together for a cool holidays. You need the pictures but unfortunately they are with your friends and you don’t know when you meet him next time.

Or you have some online service going on and you want people to submit anything to you.

In these scenarios you are sometimes in trouble and you don’t know what to do. And there is Dropbox who can help you with this problem. You could let your friends, college, your beloved readers or anyone submit you the files that you want. And It will be directly uploaded in your Dropbox and you can access where ever you go. Sounds cool huh… Yeah it is.

You can build your form to upload files in Dropbox with¬† JotForm. Easy steps to follow, fast and even you don’t have to create a account with them. Just Authenticate with your dropbox credentials and make a simple form or use any pre-made forms and it is online for any one to upload the files.

There you go, simple form, anyone can upload and it is directly uploaded to your dropbox. If you want to impose some limitations on users like only one submit per IP or Submission Limit or Expiration Date, than it is pretty easy to do. When you are creating your forms click on the Setup and Embed than Preference than Forms Limit. There you can change your options for Unique submissions and so on. dropbox
You have SSL secure connection and unlimited forms. But with the basic free subscription you just get 100 MB of Space.

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