June 18, 2019

How to Recover Windows Password using any Linux OS?

Lets say you were trying to make your password strong by using some complicated and long password to lock your window computer. But after keeping your password you forgot it. Don’t worry if you forgot your password, you can get in your computer with the help of this small hack.

If you forgot your password, just follow these steps and you will get into your system in no time.

  1. Download any linux operating system. I am used to Ubuntu but people have their own choice.
  2. You would have downloaded the IOS file. You should burn it on CD/DVD or make a Live bootable USB stick.(Click here to make a bootable USB stick.)
  3. Boot in your locked computer with the help of the Burned CD/DVD or Bootable USB stick. (You may have two options at first. To install the Lunix OS or to try it. Click Try.)
  4. Wait till you are on the Desktop of the Linux OS.
  5. Now like in Windows there is MyComputer, there is FileSystem on Linux. Find it and open it.
  6. Now you can have access to all the drives that were there in windows.
  7. Find the drive where you installed your Window. Normally it is Drive ‘C’.
  8. Rename C:windowssystem32Utilman.exe to Utilmanorginal.exe.
  9.  Make the two copy of  C:windowssystem32cmd.exe.(You don’t want to screw up latter so make a copy of Cmd.exe)
  10. Rename Cmd.exe to Utilman.exe.

So after all this reboot your computer take out your Linux CD/DVD or USB stick and boot into your Locked window.
So far what we have done is, we have changed the program to open when you click the Ease of Excess Button on your window Login Screen.

Before when you clicked it,it use to open the Ease of access menu, But now it opens the Command prompt.

  1. After your computer boots up and you are on the Login screen click the Ease of access button and open Command Prompt Window.
  2. Type compmgmt.msc
  3. Computer Management screen will pop up after few seconds.
  4. Goto Local Users and Groups at the left side of the window and click Users folder.
  5. You will see the list of all the users on the computer.
  6. Just Right click the User account of which you forgot your password and click Set password.(if your computer was locked out due to many try you did to unlock your password than you can just Right click>Properties and uncheck Account is locked out. )
  7. After setting a New Password, close all the programs that are open and Login normally with your user account.

Now you have successfully Reset your Password. But there is a security hole in the Login screen. So
I recommend you to put back the things that they were. You can normally do this from Windows, but sometimes you have to deal with some security issues. So I recommend it doing by Booting up with the Linux OS

  1. Boot up with the Linux CD/DVD or the bootable USB stick.
  2. Goto the FileSystem as before.
  3. Delete C:windowssystem32Utilman.exe
  4. Rename C:windowssystem32Utilmanorginal.exe to Utilman.exe 
  5. (and you had created the copy of Cmd.exe, if it had any other name just rename it to Cmd.exe)

If you need any help just let us know in the comment box.

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