December 16, 2018

How to Replace your computer with a Smartphone?

You are lucky when you have a small and light computer or a Tablet, because you can take it wherever you want. They are comparitevely portable than big and bulky laptops. You may have hoped you could take your laptop everywhere you go, but it is not possible. But there is a solution for this thing. why not to use your your smartphone as it could handle most things if you make it so.

But to make most out of your Smartphone you should do certain thing so that you will be replace your computer.

1.Get a phone that is comfortable to use: Remember what do you need to replace the computer. If you are buying a smartphone than see for phone that has many features like that you can get in computers like email, internet and so on. Big screen or small screen, what do you want. Choose the right smartphone for yourself.

If you need help on choosing big or small screen smartphone, then you can read this article.

2. Know How to Use It: If you are going to get a new smartphone, make sure to learn how to use it. In a few minutes on YouTube may help you.

3.Learn some tricks: Probably¬†you may not be aware but now a days internet call has been far more cheaper than the network call. Know which is better. Use GPS when you get lost, but don’t use it when you don’t need it. Learn many other tips and tricks.

4. Install the application you need: Install everything you need from the respective application market.

5. Improve your typing skills: One of the important thing. If you want to learn how to iprove your typing skills than just follow our article on How can you improve your mobile typing skills?

6. Get Internet on your phone: Get a monthly subscription of internet from you provider on your phone, if your travelling than it is a nice idea. In your house if you have got a wifi, it is even better.

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