September 19, 2018

How to root sony Xperia Z 4.4.2 kitkat 10.5.A.0.230 android Smartphones?

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Sony updated its devices like Sony Xperia Z, ZL, ZR, and Tablet Z to Kitkat 4.4.2 and people got excited about it. Kitkat was highly overrated ROM and most of the people wants to upgrade to Kitkat even if they lost the root on their device. For the people who couldn’t update to Kitkat normally due to various reasons, got chance to update to Kitkat, thanks to the people at But unfortunately root is lost, and many of the people are searching ways to root their devices. Now I present you some ways to get your root your Kitkat.

Only go ahead and do the rooting if you know what you are up to. In the beginning I am going to show you the way that is hard and then the other way that I used to root my phone and is easy. Hard way is shown by the Recognized XDA Developer – DoomLord, and most people trust the tutorial including myself. Simple way is also by Recognized Developer – geohot and I tired it and it worked so again I trust him too.

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Method 1

First I will show you the hard way. It looks bit terrifying but go on with the tutorial and you will be able to root your smartphone.

Step 1
Flash DooMLoRD’s advanced stock kernel.

Step 2
Flash a SuperSU zip.

Yep people, I can’t be more specific than that. Hope you will figure it out. I have not tired it but you can give a try. But why not try the simple way, who wants to try the hard way and waste the time.

Method 2

There are couple of issue with the ways that I am going to show you. While personally I can conform you that it worked on my device Locked bootloader Sony Xperia Z Kitkat 4.4.2 model C6603 10.5.A.0.230 and one of my friend conformed it worked on Locked bootloader Xperia Z C6630 10.5.A.0.230, I can’t conform on any of the other devices. I don’t take any responsibility if any thing bad happens to your devices.

Before you begin let me make this clear. This method has not bricked any phone till now, so you don’t have to worry too much. This method will not delete anything from your device, however always make a good habit making your backup.

Step 1

Download the Towelroot android app and copy it your smartphone. On your device you may want to go to Settings>Security and check on Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

Step 2

Install the downloaded app. Use any File Manager app to navigate to your memory and just tap on it to install it.

Step 3

After installing the app, open it.

wpid-wp-1403044360291.pngStep 4

You will see the screen above. Now just click on make it ra 1 n. It will restart your device after 15 second and after you reboot your devices will have root access. After the reboot you may want to check your root access, if it works or not. Download any root checker app from Play Store and install it and check if you have root access.

wpid-wp-1403044363782.png wpid-wp-1403044367209.png

Hope it helps you, Please Give us feedback, if it worked in your phone if in any case you used this method. So Easy Method and everyone can do this, not more than installing the app and tapping once on the screen.

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  • alvaro suarez gonzalez

    como se instala desde el gestor de archivos del xperia z

  • Tushar Kundra

    can i later update the indian firmware using pc companion when it comes to india

    • If you use the flashing tool and you are already in kitkat version, than you cannot update to Indian firmware using pc companion. Because you are already in kitkat version. You cannot update from kikat to kitkat. You can make the ftf file of Indian firmware and install using flahtool.

  • Tushar Kundra
  • Some Guy

    Can anyone confirm if it will work on c6616/C6606?

    • david lane

      yes it works. well for me it did.

  • Victor Molino de Miguel

    for me it worked with 4.2 kernel upgraded to 4.4 prior to June 3rd and does not work now

  • JPA

    Bro thanks for this wonderful post,.
    I have a doubt, after rooting my c6002 with towel root if i want to unroot again(incase if i want to sell my phone), what should i do bro

  • Nathaniel Haye

    I didn’t search the comments to see if someone already posted but it works for the C602 users, aslong as you’re running the same firmware as mentioned then you should be fine but honestly I still can’t believe this actually worked with “1 tap”!!….my last root before the upgrade took me about 25 minutes, to read up and perform task, but one click, can’t ask for more.

    • Wobbawobba

      These things go really fast. Back in the day when the psp slim released it took me a hour and a half to get a CFW on it. Only 3 months later it just required a certain version and you could one press CFW it without pandora.

  • neil

    i have same phone and same version, installed all ok and pressed the ra1n button and nothing at all happened. i am using v3.
    any thoughts please?

  • neil

    issue resolved, v3 doesn’t require a reboot if you read screen clearly.
    now to work out what i can do and how to remove unwanted apps!

  • parag

    How to go in recovery mode in Xperia zr c5502

  • Ranjeet Kumar

    It Worked on C6602..Thanks Alot

  • thorn

    The method 2 worked for xperia zr c5502. Didn’t even need the restart. Thanks! 🙂

  • ace

    im not able to go into recovery mode after this please help ive trie all apps and hardware button methods possible

  • JALA

    Method 2 Towelroot worked for me. Sony Xperia Z C6603 (kitkat 4.4.2)

  • farij

    totally works on z1

  • Azeem

    thnx i have root succesfully my xperia z c6603 from towelroot

    • syed nehal

      How did u download towelroot apps and from where

  • Luiz Henrique

    pegou de boa no SONY EXPERIA ZQ. VLW CARA.

  • shiva

    is unlocking the bootloader a requirement for this technique?

  • syed nehal

    hey my name is nehal from Bangladesh…. i want to root my xperia z 4.4.2 please suggest me what should i do and ofcorse guide line step by step…i will be very greatful….

  • akiramar

    It worked for me! Xperia Z 10.5.A.0.230

  • tony

    unbelievable. Its work fine with 4.4.2 Xpera z. Everybody wandering here and there. But You simply reveal the Trick. Gr8!

  • Game CIH is not working with it tho 🙂 HELP!!!!!

  • Garp

    Worked just fine, thanks! 🙂

  • ter wilde

    Worked perfect on Z Modell ,thanks !!

  • Mehedy Mizan

    after rooting with towelroot v3. my youtube is not working and rotation lock, stamina etc some other settings are not working. is there any fix of it ? if i unroot, will it fix the issue ?

    • yeap you can try unrooting it, and root it again, see if it works.

  • lydia

    Can anyone help me please???did this app work on lenovo s820 plis???

  • zaeon

    Wow, thanks.. It works on my Xperia Z C6603 with android 4.4.2.. Less than a minute.

  • shima

    I tested many methods to root my sony xperia Z but no one worked , this method do it in few seconds ! thank you very much !

  • Garp

    I have learned that Android 4.4.4 soon will roll out for Sony Xperia Z eg. definetly after 3.June 2014. What to do then re Towelroot etc.?

  • Wobbawobba

    Unlock developers mode(Trying to translate from dutch to english):
    Settings > About Phone > press build-number 7 times to unlock
    Settings > Settings for Developers > USB debugging
    Settings > Security > Allow third party program installations

    Now just download Towelroot and install it using Astro Filemanager.

    • syed nehal

      Sir how to download towelroot apps?and from where? Is it free?

  • Mohammad vlp

    I use second method on my Xperia ZR (C5503 – android 4.4.2) and now my phone has root access!
    thanks very much! :]

  • Alexander

    Thank You Guys, with your help I have root my Xperia Z with 4.4.2 Kitkat totally easily. thanks!

  • Ashwin

    very very easy..
    got root access in xperia zr 4.4.2

    • Siddhesh Ujgaonkar

      Dude.. Is there any way to unroot xperia z 4.4.2.. please let me know..

    • brijesh

      is anyone have 4.4.2 model C6603 10.5.A.0.230 ftf file please tell me i m unable to find it anywhere i had searched it everywhere

  • jobuke

    does NOT work with android 4.4.4 (xperia zr)

  • Jindra Krbeček

    Please update it for xperia z 4.4.4.

  • brijesh

    is anyone have 4.4.2 model C6603 10.5.A.0.230 ftf file please tell me i m unable to find it anywhere i had searched it everywhere..please send me link if u got it

  • Jarrett Neil Ridlinghafer

    This apk One-Click Root ROCKS! It worked like a charm without EVEN REBOOTING on my Xperia Z C6606 Android 4.3 which has also now enabled the FlashTool Upgrade to KitKat 4.4 to work without any errors finally 🙂 This apk rooted my phone in 2 seconds…..absolutely brilliant, thanks 🙂