March 26, 2019

How to run Linux’s Software on Windows Computer?

No wonder Windows is one of the mostly used Operating system and also everyone is aware that Linux is most of the time used as the replacement to Windows. Linux distortion like Ubuntu, Mint etc are some of the successful distortion of Linux. Many people love Linux but most of the time they use Windows as their main operating system while installing Linux as replacement one. Some of the time despite of loving to use Linux many people have don’t have them on their computer and they miss lot of awesome Linux software. Dual-booting or to installing Linux in the virtual machine is one of the option but it would be great if we could run Linux software of Windows.


andLinux is the free and complete Ubuntu Linux system which runs seamlessly in Windows 2000, Windows XP,Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Seven 7: but only in 32-bit versions. It runs almost all Linux application without modification. It uses at-least 128 MB of RAM. However more than 192 MB is recommended.


How to Install andLinux?

Download andLinux and go through standard installation process, although there are some points that you should keep in mind. You have the option to run andLinux by typing the command in command line but who wants to do that? We want to run it automatically.

run_andliux_NT_ServiceThere are two ways how to access the files on Windows using andLinux: CoFS and Windows file shares (Samba). Setting up Samba is a bit more difficult, but it’s also working with special characters in file names, so you may want to choose this option.


Now, you need to set up the shared folder, so you’ll have to create a folder and then enter the name of the file share (not the name of the folder or drive) as well as your Windows username and password. Pay attention not to use spaces or special characters in the name of the share, and that you add write permissions to the file share (permissions are read-only by default).


Once you are finished with everything, restart your computer. Once you restart you computer you will be able to run Linux software on Windows.

Running Linux software on Windows

Run your andLinux software on your Window Computer. First of all you will see andLinux running on your System Tray.  Click on it and you will see different Linux software already installed and you can use. Just click on any Linux software and it will run. You can launch Konqueror and go to Application tab and you can run any software from there you want. Note that the first start-up of an application may take some time because some applications perform configuration tasks at the first startup.

How to install new software in andLinux?


When you click andLinux icon on system tray you can see a option called Synaptic. I know, I don’t have to tell you Linux lover that you can install more software from Synaptic but anyway there are other people who need to know that. It is kind of “Add and Remove Software” option in Windows.

Use Synaptic to download any software you want to use. Just Mark the software for installation, then Click on Apply the changes. Synaptic will automatically download and install everything you need to run that app, and when it’s all installed you’ll be able to launch it from Konqueror.

So what do you think about andLinux? If any of you have used this awesome software, let me know how it goes for you. I have myself used it and I am really satisfied.

Download andLinux

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