May 21, 2019

How to save your SMS to Gmail when they arrive?

Many people have the habit of deleting all the SMS when they read it. Other they just don’t care, they just save it and when the mobile shows low memory, then they start deleting it. What if you have some important information or may be due to some conditions it got deleted.

Tipfortechs to your rescue. Today I will introduce to a free app for Android only on the Google play, that will allow you to save all your both incoming and outgoing SMS text message to your Gmail account.

Download SMS backup from Google play and install it.
Enter your username and password in the respective tab and tap Backup now option.
And you are done. It is so simple. The best part is the SMS you received and the message you sent will be automatically be saved on your Gmail account creating a new label: SMS in the background, you having to do nothing.

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