June 18, 2019

How to use Google Earth Offline for the PC which has no Internet Access?

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Google Earth has been a boon to many people who wants to work offline or who has limited internet access, But it is really difficult for those who wants to use it offline whose computer was never online in past. 
Ofcourse you can use your Google Cache for offline use but to the computer where there was never an internet connection, you can never use Google earth cache to use Google earth. Atleast once you should connect your computer to internet so that the Google earth can get authentication from the server. Then only we can use it offline after copying the cache from another computer or downloading cache in the same comptuer.

SO, Is there a way to bypass the authentication process?

Yes, sure there is.
In this article I am going to tell you How to use google earth on the computer which was never online. You need another computer where you can download the Google earth Software and the Places which you want to visit offline on the map as cache.

Things to do on the first computer with internet access.

First of all go the computer where there is internet connection, and install Google earth. You can download it form google earth website.
Download | Google Earth
Attention!!!  When you just click Download Google earth then you can only download the small softwares that will later download and install google earth software. The File you downloaded is not the installation file for Google earth but the small software that will download and install the Google earth software.
Click here to learn How to get the Official Google Earth setup file for Future Use? so that you can install it on another computer without internet connection.
Once you download Google earth software, install it on your system. Once it is installed open the Google earth software, open it and start exploring the places that you want to use it when your system is offline. Every places you visited will be stored as Cache. It can only store up-to 2 GB of the data as Cache. If this storage is not enough you can make the storage capacity for Cache larger by following way.
  1. Click on Tools menu in the Google Earth Software.
  2. Then click Options.
  3. Option Window will apper, then click on Cache and change the value of Disk Cache Size(MB).
The destination Folder where the Cache is stored is
C:Users(usernameofcomputer)AppDataLocalLowGoogle(In Window 7)
C:Documents and Settings(usernameofcomputer)Local SettingsApplicationGoogle(In Window XP)
The folder called Google will save your Cache for Google Earth.
Attention!!! You should show all the hidden folders to see the above folders. To show all the the hidden folders, follow the steps below.
  1. Click on the Organise Menu in the upper left side of the Window Explorer.
  2. Click on Folder and Search Options.
  3. Click on View.
  4. Scroll down and search for Hidden Files and Folders Option. Then Check on the box Show hidden files, Folders and drives.
If you just copy this Cache folder to another computer without internet connection the Google earth software will not run. So to solve this problem you must edit the registry. Becarefull, playing around with registry is dangerous. So just follow the steps that are described below.
  1. Click the Window button on your Desktop. Generally it is called Start button.
  2. Search for regedit.exe and open it.
  3. Now Navigate to ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwreGoogleGoogle Earth Plus
  4. Right click on Google Earth Plus and click Export.
  5. Give any name and Save it on your Desktop.

What are we doing with the Registry file?

If you try to use Google Earth on the Computer without any internet connection than it fails. Once it needs authentication from the server. So if you use this registry that already has the authentication from the server in the computer that was never online, Google Earth will work.

Things to do on the second computer without internet access.

Now Copy your Setup file for Google Earth software, the Cache folder(Folder named Google) and the Registry file to the computer that has no internet access where you want to use Google Earth software and save it on your desktop.
Install your Google Earth software. When you will try to open it, it will not work because you don’t have internet connection nor the cache.
Click on File menu and Server Sign out. If this option is not available than you can leave this option. After that click on  Tools/Options/Cache and click Delete Cache Files. Click Yes and after deleting the cache and Click Ok.
Then copy your Cache folder (Folder named Google)and copy it to the destination folder.
Remember!!! to show your Hidden Files and Folders.

C:Users(usernameofcomputer)AppDataLocalLow(In Window 7)
C:Documents and Settings(usernameofcomputer)Local SettingsApplicationGoogle(In Window XP)
Attention!! When you copy the Cache to your user account and you cannot access the cache in Google Earth then trying copying the Cache to the Administrator Account.

Double click on the registry file that you saved from another computer and install it on the computer. It will ask for some security access but you can just click on Yes.
Now on your Google Earth software Click on File Menu on the upper left corner and Click on Server Sign in.

Then your Google Earth software will run. You will be only able to see the Places that was stored on your cache.

Is there a way to download the Google Maps in Smartphone for Offline use?

Ofcourse there is. Read my another article on How To Download Google Maps in smartphones For Offline Use?
I hope it will work for everyone. If it did not work you can contact me or just leave a comment on the comment section below. I will love to help you.
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