March 26, 2019

How to Use Opera Unite in Opera?

The features that Opera has is really nice, you can share your files, photos and even make a website server anytime from your home and you don’t have to be good at computer skills to do that.

Download | Opera Web browser
Download | Opera Unite

After Clicking on Opera Unite link you will be taken to the page where you can download the features of Opera to turn your home computer in server.

If you want the feature of File sharing just click on it and install it. Or you want the feature of Web Server, then just click on it, download it and install it. 

Ok let’s say I clicked on Photo sharing features and downloaded the features and installed it. Then you will see something like this on the image below.

I have already selected the folder that I want to share. Then I got a link. If I want to see my photo somewhere else, then I just need to open the link and enter the password that is already provided(Of course my server should always be ON). You can select other privacy setting also.

In this way go the Opera Unite link provided above and download any feature you want install it enjoy.

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