April 26, 2019

How to use Superoneuser for rooting android phones?

What is Super One Click?

SuperOneClick is a software that promises to root any Android smartphone or tablet on the market today. Users simply connect their Android device to their computers, download the SuperOneClick program, then run it to unlock root access to their smartphone or tablet.
Problem:Major problem with SuperOneClick is that it isn’t guaranteed to root your tablet or smartphone. SuperOneClick could turn your Android into a brick, which means that it refuses to start up and it’s certainly not rooted. SuperOneClick doesn’t always work. Sometimes, it will encounter errors. Other times, it will freeze up and stop responding. When your Android is connected to your computer, this can be a very unpleasent experience.
It’s a single-click way to root that supports a wide variety of different devices and should work for most people. If SuperOneClick doesn’t support your Android device, head over to the Android Development and Hacking forums at XDA Developers. There are subforums for most Android devices – type your device’s name into the search box and you’ll probably find information from other people that have successfully rooted it, perhaps by using another tool.

Before you begin rooting with SuperOneClick, here are a few things you need to do:

  1. Install the Android drivers for your phone in the computer.
  2. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android: Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Development. Then enable USB debugging.
  3. Unlock your bootloader. If you havenot unlocked the bootloader you can read my previous article on How to unlock bootloader for android phones? 

Important: Verify that your SD card is not mounted: Tap Menu > SD Card & Phone Storage, and  tap Unmount SD Card if it is available or on some android phones after connecting it to the PC via usb cable choose only charging option.

Now the moment to Root.

Step1. Download SUPERONECLICK into the Windows computer.
Step2. After Downloading run superoneclick.exe under Administrator privilege. 
Step3.Connect the android phone through usb cable to the PC.

Step4. Then just click the Root option. Then tada you are done. Let it run a minute or two and there you have it. Your phone is rooted, now go have advantages for the apps that need root permision.

After rooting it will automatically install superuser software on your mobile. Whenever an app on your device attempts to gain root permissions you’ll be prompted to allow or deny the request.

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