May 21, 2019

How to view YouTube videos offline on Android and IOS Smartphones and on Desktop?

YouTube has rolling out the updates to the YouTube apps on android and IOS smartphones which will help you to watch videos offline. Many of the popular YouTube content in India, Indonesia and the Philippines is available for people to view offline but in future we will hopefully see in Europe and America and other parts of the world.


How to watch YouTube videos offline on Android and IOS Smartphones?


You can add videos to watch it offline by selecting a download icon(a down arrow symbol) below the video or by selecting Add to Offline from a video’s context menu. Not all videos are available for download, content owners can choose if they want to opt to allow offline viewing for their media. But if you are in luck the video that you want to download is available to enjoy a smooth, buffer-free version of YouTube.


You can also remove the saved videos if you don’t need them anymore. If you have less than 5% of storage space remaining, you won’t be able to add videos to offline. There is a separate offline setting that lets you select the video quality and select option to add over Wi-Fi only. This feature allows users to temporarily store videos offline for about 48 hours to watch later during short periods of low or no internet connectivity.

How to watch YouTube videos offline on desktop?


There is no such features introduced or the desktop users till now, but if you want to view YouTube offline than you can easily download the videos on your computer and watch it later. Once you are on a page with a YouTube video, copy the link in the address bar of the browser. Then open KeepVid and paste the YouTube URL into the box and click on download.

download youtube videos for offline watching for desktop users

If you have already got the offline support in YouTube on your Android phone, do let us know about the experience in the comments.


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