May 21, 2019

Know who is tracking you on internet?

What is Tracking Visitor Information?

Tracking is the mordern way of details of the visitors like IP, location, browser agents, visitor path etc.There are trackers – scripts, pixels, and other elements in the internet who constantly keep track of you and sends the information back to the  companies whose code is present on the webpage you are visiting. These trackers often aren’t otherwise visible and are often not detailed in the page source code. The world of web behavioral tracking is a mess.

How Visitor Tracking is Done?

There are special tracking services like Google Analytics, StatCounter etc., which provide tracking javascript codes to the webmasters, who can integrate these codes into the source code of the webpages. As soon as a visitor downloads a page from the server, the javascript code informs the tracking website about the details of the visitor

Am i safe? 

It is nothing harmful that can cause any problem, but in this today’s world it comes to the question of privacy. We all want to keep our privacy hidden as far as possible. Why let other people or organization know about us? So if you think privacy means so much for you than you are not safe.

Is There any Way to  Know who is Tracking me and Blocking them?

Advertisers are eager to make it more effective, governments want to regulate it, and web users are generally horrified of its potential.
But out of chaos comes opportunity, and advertising technology company Evidon has risen to take advantage of the turmoil.
For Example now there are many extensions for Browser on the market that allows users to block any and all the web trackers they encounter while browsing the web.
Ghostery, Do not track plus etc are good examples that can keep the trackers away. Learn more on Ghostery to keep the tracker away.

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