Although going to space has become mainstream, Nepalese flag and National Song will still makes us proud on Space

Although going to space has become mainstream but Nepalese flag and National Song will still makes us proud on Space. For the First time Nepalese Flag has been on the space, what could be the more proud moment?


On April 30, 2014 Kshitij Raj Lohani carried out his long dream of sending Nepal’s Flag & playing Nepal’s National Anthem on the edge of the space. Using the weather ballon-high altitude concept he was able to send the flag of Nepal in the edge of the space/ very high altitude (80,000 ft above earth surface). When it reached around 70,000 ft, national anthem of Nepal was played through the speaker inside a payload box.Nepaliflag

Kshitij Raj Lohani is a Nepali student in Boston, MA Studying Computer Engineering in Northeastern University in full Scholarship. Calling his life a roller coster, he says that he hate studying but loves learning. Back in 2005, he was thrown out of school for not being able to pay monthy fee of Rs 500.


Some words:
Life is not simple, it will not be always fun but keep fighting and you will be successful one day. Your dream of taking the Nepalese flag to the moon, will come true one day. I hope for the best. We Nepalese should work together in Developing our Nepal and Nepalese tech and prove to the world that we can also compete in the race of the power in the world.

Share your thoughts guys, have you done anything that is worth noticing that has made us Nepali proud. Are you planning to do something. Let us know.

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