January 18, 2019


To Readers & Developers: If you have found a new software/service that has never been reviewed before or you have developed a unique one, feel free to contact us at support@lifestohack.com. If we find it to be useful, a review within 48 hours will be posted on this blog.

To Bloggers And Webmasters: If you need to re-publish our screenshots, feel free to do it as long as you give a proper credit back to the article. Republishing of whole articles is not allowed without prior permission.

To Everyone Else: If you need to ask a question, first search this blog and leave the comment on the related post. If you have an opinion or idea related to Lifestohack, you can contact the me directly at diwas.bhattarai@lifestohack.com

To Advertising Networks: If you are looking to partner with Lifestohack to monetize the site, feel free to contact me at diwas.bhattarai@lifestohack.com . Note that we will only accept the offers that are both fruitful to us and our readers.