Get your English to Nepali Online Translator or download it on your Android or ISO Devices

Many Nepali people trying to learn English or any Foreigner trying to learn Nepali needs a translator or a Dictionary. Here is the list of some nice and awesome apps that will help you translate from English to Nepali or from Nepali to English.




This websites claims to have more than 31320 words and new words being added each and every day. website aims to provide an easy to use online dictionary to search for English words and their meanings in Nepali. The dictionary is free and is intended to server as a reference to Nepali speakers around the world learning English or to those willing to build up their English vocabulary. It has both android and ISO apps.

2.Nepali Changathi

It contains 14,000 English words and more than 40,000 Nepali meaning.

For Android Device

1. Nepali Dictionary – Offline

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From the developer who brought HamroKeyboard. This is the Nepal’s First offline dictionary for Nepali Language. It’s a two way dictionary, that means it is Nepali-English dictionary as well as English-Nepali dictionary. Now, try out the word games to learn more words.  You can also play the Word Game (Hangman).  Features like Word of the day, Spoken word Pronunciation(Long press the words and select speak from menu) etc are available.


2. English Nepali Dictionary

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Decent and clean app. This is the app provided by the website that we discussed above. Really easy to use and has collection of English to Nepali Translated words.

For ISO Device(Iphone, IPad and supported Apple devices)

1. English Nepali Dictionary

nepali_dictionary_translator_english nepali_dictionary_translator_english_nepal nepali_dictionary_translator_english_nepal_kathmandu


Again the ISO version of Nice and clean app. This app is really useful for all who have strong desire to learn the meaning of English words in Nepali; very useful! We recommend it to everyone out there who just want to learn English words meanings in Nepali. You will be all glad that you have it.

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