Get your Nepali keyboard and start Typing In Nepali in your Smartphone

Many of you may have already started typing in Nepali in your Computer using Nepali Keyboards. It may not be a standard keyboard but with little bit of tweak and setting you can get that working. But here I present to you the Keyboard for your Smartphones for both Android and IOS devices. As much as I love my Nepal, I love typing in Nepali and I got exited after I started using some of the below mentioned apps.

For Android

Hamro Nepali Keyboard

Hamro Nepali Keyboard[AdSense-A]

Hamro Keyboard is a Nepali keyboard for all of us who love Nepali language. This is a beta release that means work is still in progress. Hamro Keyboard has been able to hit the top chart list of most download New Apps in the Google Play Store recently. It works with the android OS 2.2+ (Smartphones & Tablets) but for IOS it is not released till now.


Lipikaar Nepali Keyboard


Lipikaar Nepali Keyboard is a  smart, easy to use and intuitive typing solution for Nepali typing. After trying this app, I have to say it is pretty good. Lipikaar has stood itself as a perfect choice of Nepali keyboard. It is simple to use, and if you want to change the keyboard use the EN/NE key on the keyboard to toggle between Nepali and English. Over 1,00,000 people use Lipikaar to type emails, blogs, and documents in Nepali.


There is free and Paid version. Free version has the limit of 100 words and Paid version is 1.48 Euro. If you are really into typing Nepali than you can sure spend the money otherwise Hamro Keyboard is the nice choice.

lipkaar1 lipkaar2 lipkaar3


In Lipikaar you have to use your regular QWERTY English keyboard, and type any Nepali word. You have to type in Roman Nepali which has a unicode translator and it translate the words that you wrote in Nepali It would have been better if actual Nepali Devanagari alphabets were used.

Need Help on Installing and using your Keyboard?

After you are finished installing your app, go to the Settings >> Language and Keyboard. Here activate the keyboard that you want to use and set it as a default keyboard.

 For Apple Devices(IOS)

Nepali Keyboard for iOS


Nepali Keyboard for iOS is a custom keyboard application for typing in Nepali. This app lets you send emails and text messages, post to Facebook/Twitter, and search Google & YouTube in Nepali including WhatsApp integration, Nepali Wikipedia search, BBC Nepali search and so on. You can also switch back and forth between the custom Nepali keyboard and any built-in Apple keyboard. This is not a free app and you should pay $0.99 cents.


iosnepalityping1 iosnepalityping2 iosnepalityping3

There you go the Nepali keyboards apps that lets you type in Nepali. Did you already install the app? Let us know if you like it or not. Which one did you download and what was the downside of that keyboard?

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  • Default keyboard in Android has Devanagari support via Hindi language. Not strictly nepali keyboard but it does the work without having to download 3rd party app.

    • You are right. For any people who don’t want to download app, then that is also a good idea.