Give your Firefox a nice theme with Nepali Flag

I am proud Nepali and I feel proud to promote anytime about our Nepali culture and way of living. Recently I had a presentation to make on the company where I worked about the work I did on last six month. As I had some of the work uploaded to the server, I had to open my browser and access some of my files. That was the great way for me to promote my country, as I had installed Flag of Nepal as the theme of my Firefox theme.


You can see below on the Image what do I actually mean.

nepali flag theme on firefox

You can also download the theme if you want and install it on the Firefox theme. It gives the awesome look to your Firefox browser.  There are many theme that you can find in market which you can download and install it on the Firefox but not all of them are elegant looking. One of the many themes that you can download is Nepal Flag, it is nice and good but not that elegant enough. Flag of Nepal (you can download it from the link given at the end of this article) is awesome theme that you can  install on your browser.


Download Link | Flag of Nepal


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