How can you pay online in Nepal or What are the online Payment system in Nepal?

Technology is in the air. time has changed and so has our lifestyle. And in the busy lifestyle, it is irrational for us to spend more time than needed in anything. One of those aspect is bill or monetary payment ie. transfer of funds. We live in an era where it shouldn’t be time-consuming and bothersome.

Online payment services are the ways how we can adopt an efficient monetary transaction without having to rush to offices to pay bills or to merchants to pay good…well, sort of. Here, we can keep money in our accounts, or link with our bank accounts. We can spend the funds in services whenever we want or whenever it’s needed.

There are limited services which are available in Nepal to allow such activities. However, they are enough as they cover many sectors of our usual needs. They are Nepali services catered and curated to Nepali people. Most of them allow us to send and receive money online, buy air tickets, cinema tickets, pay utility bills, purchase mobile recharge cards, pay school college bills, internet bills, subscribe newspapers and magazines online; and link your PayPal or credit card with these services. They also let you send and receive fund from other users and deposit in your bank account if connected.


The number and quality of such services is growing in Nepal. To use these services for your benefits, you have to sign in for any one of them according to your needs and connect it to your existing accounts. Let’s explore some online payment options in Nepal.

1. eSewa

eSewaThey claim to be the first online payment gateway in Nepal. They are indeed the most sophisticated among all other services of the kind available in Nepal. They also are the most widely integrated in other online nepali services including cashonad. They also feature the highest number of bank partners. They also provide iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Java apps for mobile. They also provide SMS registration service.

2. iPay

iPayiPay is not in any way an underdog in its business. It’s main attraction is its easy-to-use and modern looking interface and the plethora of available services. One can say that it takes the online payment in Nepal to a new standard. However, it hasn’t gained as much traction among people as it deserves. It is owned by Muncha, thus is very sophisticated in fields of online shopping among all other usual services.


3. PayWay

PayWayVery often described as Merchant payment gateway in Nepal, its main attraction is the transfer of fund from paypal and such international payment services and deposition in banks or fund transfer. The processing fee is lower than other services. They also intend to provide PayWay Shop to let resellers to market their products online. Check out the FAQ page for more information.

4. PayBill

PayBilllAlthough it lets you perform almost all activities the above services do, it’s main attraction is what it’s name sounds like, paying bills. It removes all the complications from online bill payment of almost all services in Nepal. It also partners with a large number of small businesses which gives it advantage over other services. It is a new player but has shown to have a glorious future.


If you are interested in online payment, then definitely check out these services to know in detail about each and to determine right one for you. They offer easy registration and verification, and then you can perform the necessary activities easily.

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  • sanjay rai

    with the help of Payway can i accept the international credit & debit card payments. if yes then how do i apply for this payment gateway.