How to call international numbers from Nepal at a cheaper rate?

Almost all of us has someone in foreign countries. They may be out to study, to work or may be residing there permanently. Some of us may have business partners outside of the country. Whatever the reason may be, we may have to get in contact with them. There are many easy and free services out there including e-mail, social networks and voice and video calls via. internet. However, nothing is as easy and instant as the good old telephone call.

Unlike the calls over internet, you don’t have to start a call with a ‘Are you hearing me well?’ in a telephone call. The quality is reliable. That’s very important especially for business. Also, you don’t have to bother for internet connection. However, the problem with telephone call is that it is a premium service. While the international call rate tariff has been decreasing significantly over years, it’s still far expensive than local calls.


Fortunately, there are certain ways of lowering the gap. NTC provides Budget Call service for all its costumers. Calling via. budget call significantly lowers the call rate. It’s  SIP service which you can access hassle free from any NTC networks, including PSTN, Prepaid, Postpaid and SKY by dialing any of following access codes before the international number. The codes are:

  1. 1424
  2. 1425
  3. 1445

S0, correct syntax is: Access code + Country code + Area code + Phone number

Please note that when dialing via. budget call using access codes, skip dialing ’00’ or ‘+’ in front of country codes in the number of other side.

So a correct number format will be 1424 1 123 4567890 where 1424 is access code, 001 is US country code, 123 is an area code and rest is phone number.

Let’s check out the tariff rates now.

1. 00 (or no budget call)


Call with 00

2. 1425/1445 (Budget Call)

Call with 1425/1445

3. 1424 (Budget Call)

Call with 1424 part 1Call with 1424 part 2


Currently, ncell implements this technology in all its international calls and has quite economical rates. You don’t have to dial any access codes.Ncell intl.


As you can see, the rates are pretty low. In fact, rates for USA and Canada are equal to local call rates. Of course, tax and VAT’s aren’t included in these figures.

Happy calling.

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