How to configure cellular data for NTC and Ncell in Android and iPhone?

Are you new to mobile data connection? Are you switching mobile network services? Do you want to reconfigure mobile data APN and need help? Look no further because we are going to cover all that in this post.

According to a statistic, large majority of Nepali people are connected to the internet with cellular data as a primary source. In this context, cellular data is a very important for a global online outreach.

Ncell and Namaste (owned by Nepal Telecom) are the major carriers of Nepal. They provide services for easy configuration of cellular data. Let’s explore some methods.


Automated configuration setting SMS

To get configuration setting via. SMS, text the following.


  • Namaste: Type ‘GPRS’ without quotes and sent to 1404
  • Ncell: Type ‘ALL’ without quotes and sent to 9595

You’ll receive a SMS with configuration settings, which should then be installed to the phone. The process depends on the phone, however, it should be relatively easy. You may have to select or activate the APN and reboot the phone before accessing network.

Manual Setting


  • Open Settings app.
  • Under Wireless and Network, open More. In some devices you may have to go to More Settings.
  • Open Mobile Networks.
  • Goto Access Point Names.
  • Touch Add New APN (‘+’ button). The option may be under Menu in some devices.
  • (Optional) Give a name to Access Point. Eg. NTC, Ncell
  • Edit APN according to your network. Further information is provided later in the post.
  • (Optional) Edit the rest if needed. However, only APN is enough for internet connection at the moment.
  • Leave Username and Password fields empty.
  • Save (under menu) and activate/choose as default.
  • Reboot phone.



  • Open Settings.
  • Go to General settings.
  • Go to Cellular.
  • Go to Cellular Data Network.
  • Edit APN according to your network. Further information is provided later in the post.
  • Leave Username and Password fields empty.
  • Reboot phone.

Note: Above options may be unavailable in carrier locked iPhones. For user with iPhone iOS 7 who couldn’t find APN setting please first reset your network setting by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and then following the steps given above. Also, check this.
The required carrier-wise information for manual setting are as follows.


  • APN: web
  • IP/Proxy:
  • Port: 9201(WAP) / 8080(HTTP)
  • MCC: 429
  • MNC: 02


  • APN: ntnet
  • IP/Proxy:
  • Port: 8000
  • MCC: 429
  • MNC: 01

MCC and MNC are automatically detected and have to be manually changed if you are currently in different network than one you are configuring for.


Enjoy the internet.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know in comments. We’ll try to help in comments.

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