How to Explore Worlds Highest Peak Mt. Everest on your Desktop and Smartphone in 3D?

Not Everyone has the ability to summit the world’s tallest Peak- Mt. Everest. It is 8848m high, thin air, cold which will break down most people’s  determination to summit it. But you always have a choice to see the 3D maps of Mt. Everest on your Desktop or even in your Smartphone. At least you can see what is there around the highest Peak.


Google’s 3D Images view of various places around of Mt. Everest is really fascinating. You can see Everest Base Camp, Namche Bazar, Kala Patthar, Tengboche Moanastery and much more. Also you are see the 3D map of Mt. Everest on Google Map or you can download Google Earth for better 3D View. You can download Google Earth for your Desktop, Android or for IOS devices.

There are many apps that promises you the perfect 3D view of the Mt. Everest but only few of them are worth viewing. Mount Everest 3D is one of the few software that provides high quality 3D images from Mt. Everest. It offers the world’s highest-resolution 3D map of the highest mountain on earth for smartphones and tablets. The map is based on satellite images from unique satellite WordView2 of DigitalGlobe and is so precise that the mountain is represented absolutely realistic.

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All highlights at a glance:

  • Highest resolution of Mount Everest in 3D on smartphones and tablets
  • The latest geodata from satellite imagery
  • Intuitive control of 3D map with touch gestures
  • Integrated tours to Everest Base Camp and other trekking peaks with detailed description+

You can download the free version of this app for your Android or IOS devices and if you like it and want to unlock many awesome features than you have to buy the pro version. You can see which one is better for you. You can also install the certified software on your desktop in order to use Mount Everest 3D on your computer and start exploring Mt. Everest. In online mode, the map information is streamed in the highest resolution live on your smartphone and you can see the mountains and landscapes by far the best quality available on the market. The resolution is a lot higher than in Google / Bing Maps or Google Earth! Also you can also download the map for offline use.


With the sophisticated GPS tracking function you can upload recorded routes in the Khumbu region and share the experience with friends. During the tour speed, distance and climbed meters above sea level are displayed. After the tour, you can find out all the statistical details of your tour. You can easily sync the track from the smartphone  with your online account, and take a look at the trip from home again. Of-course these features are only included on the pro version.

If you have downloaded the apps and used it, tell us how you like it.

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