How to get balance in emergency situation for Ncell users in Nepal?

Ncell has extensive coverage throughout the nation. Ncell covers 90% of the total population with its network and it is still expanding.It’s the awesome service they are providing, that makes them highly recommended network service in Nepal.

Now they have come up with another service, you can get upto Rs20 of balance in case of emergency. Sometime you are calling to someone and your balance gets low. But you don’t have time till you go to buy a recharge card and recharge your phone. But If you are Ncell user than you can get emergency balance upto Rs.20 .


You should already use you prepaid Simcard for 6 or more than 6 months. If your balance is Rs.2 or less than Rs 2. than you can dial *9988# than you can get a loan of Rs. 20. When you recharge your Simcard next time than Rs 22 will be cut. If you pay your last loan than only you will be allowed to re-loan the balance.

ncell_loan_in emergency[AdSense-C]

You can also ask your friends and family to send you the balance. You can type *17122*your number*amount#

ncell_sapatiYou can transfer upto three times in a day balance ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 200.


If you need more help then you can see the video below.

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