How to get help in Nepal in case of emergency?

Accidents can happen any time and anywhere. Whether it is a traffic accident or a natural calamity, or even a scene of crime, you may need emergency help and rescue service. Government of Nepal provides services for easy contact with authorities at such conditions. Following is the list of numbers that may be called at different types of emergencies. 3 digit numbers starting with 1 are allocated for such services.

Emergency Sign

1. 100 – Police Control

If you are in a crime scene or under immediate threat, or see any suspicious activities, this is the number to call to. Its analogous to 911 in Nepal. Police control authorities will relay the message to nearest local police authorities to get you emergency help. They also help in case of theft, social conflicts and local fights.

2. 101 – Fire Brigade


Don’t let the name fool you, fire brigade is useful in more situations than just the fire threat. While their prime job indeed is related to fire control, they are also involved in rescue operations.

3. 102 – Ambulance

Need an emergency medical help? There’s no time to lose then, call 102. While it is vital to know the phone number of your local ambulance services, 102 can help when you don’t know it for some reason.

4. 103 – Traffic Control

If you just witness a traffic accident and need help from traffic police force, call 103, which links directly to Traffic control center. It is also useful in case of traffic jam, road blocks due to human activity or natural calamity and to report traffic violations.

5. 104 – Children Search Co-ordination Centre

Despite the name, CSCC helps in search and rescue mission for people of all age group. However, they are more active in urban areas than in the rural parts of the country.

6. 105 – Nepal Army


Nepal Army helps in anti-terrorism, border security, search and rescue, and other activities involving manual labor. In case of natural calamities like flood, landslide or earthquake, call 105 for rescue.

7. 106 – Armed Police Force / Military Police

Call APF in case of armed robbery or such criminal activities, riot control, security management in large events or in case of personal threat on life. They also help to settle local conflict of moderate to large scale like among college students or football fans. They are resourceful, deployed rapidly and have best track record.

Besides these, the following numbers may be of use.

1. 197 – Inquiry

Call inquiry to ask the number of local police station, military base, hospital, and virtually anything. Since you get number of a local agency rather than a central one, the deployment of assistance should be rapid.

2. Rescue Agency

Himalayan Rescue Association, Kathmandu: 01-4262746
Himalayan Rescue Dog Squad, Pokhara: 061-520374

3. 01-5010000 – Human Right Commission

Use this number to file complain about Human Right Violation.


In addition to this, it’d be wise to know the telephone number of Local Red Cross, Mother and Women group, related private organizations, UNICEF and so on.

However, it should be noted that despite government provision, not all carriers allow connection to some or all of these numbers. NTC allows connection with all of these while NCELL allows call to 100 and 102 among first seven. Small and local carriers generally do not allow call to any. This is indeed a poor scenario.

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