How to read the latest Nepali news online?

Scientists say that the necessity of learning/knowing something new is basic human nature. We all tend to find out what’s going on around the globe. Some of us read newspaper, other listen to radio, watch television and the latest one to join the party is internet.


One of the perks of advancement in technology is better accessibility of information. You can lie in your couch and the world is in your hand. No need to cut down millions of trees for  the medium of your news. As such, most pre-existing news organization and media bodies of Nepal have established online portals for outspreading the news. At the same time, new services are opening just with the aim of catering the readers with latest news and information.

Online radio, e-paper, blogs, mobile apps, newsletters and live TV are some new pioneering source of news in internet. In this article, we are limiting the article to some important online papers of Nepal.NEWS

1. Gorkhapatra

The oldest newspaper of Nepal intends to continue is historic journey in the web too. Its particular significance is dictated by the fact that all the official notices by the Government of Nepal and affiliated bodies is published though this newspaper. It is available in Nepali. It also provides the e-paper version if the daily newspaper accompanied by other of its publications like madhuparka, yuyamanch and muna.


2. The Rising Nepal

It is owned by gorakhapatra and is available in english. It also provides e-paper version.

The Rising Nepal

3. BBC Nepali

Owned by BBC which stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and tailored specifically for Nepal, it is considered as the most reliable and impartial news source. It is available in Nepali and has dedicated mobile site. It also provides an online radio.

BBC Nepali

4. Kantipur

Kantipur is the most famous and most read Newspaper of Nepal. It is also the biggest daily publication volume-wise and also considered complete source of News. It is owned by Kantipur Publication Pvt. Ltd. Most of the large national and international companies publish their notices via kantipur. It has mobile-friendly layout mobile users. It is available in English and Nepali and also provides an e-paper version. Other publications available include Saptahiki, Nepal and Nari. It also provides an official app for android users.


5. The Kathmandu Post

It is also owned by Kantipur Publication and is available in English. It is also available through Kantipur app for Android. An e-paper version is also available.


The Kathmandu Post

6. Annapurna Post

Annapurna Post is a respectable Newspaper with widespread recognition and considered to be in par with Kantipur in its outreach. It features mobile friendly layout with rich interface. It is owned by Nepal News Network Int. Pvt. Ltd. It also intend to provide an e-paper version soon.

Annapurna Post

7. The Himalayan Times

Owned by International Media Network Nepal (Pvt) Ltd, THT intendes to be your one-stop site for news. It is available in english amd an e-paper version is also available. They have dedicated mobile site.

The Himalayan Times

8. Nagarik News

Owned by Nepal Republic Media Pvt. Ltd., they are one of the few publication to push news with web-first priority. It is available in in Nepali and also feature an Android app. They have a mobile-friendly layout for mobile users.

Naagarik News

9. Republica

Also owned by Nepal Republic Media Pvt. Ltd., it acts as the counterpart portal in english language and is also available via. Nagarik News Android app.

The Republica

10. Online Khabar

Instead of being web-ready of printed papers, online khabar is based entirely on web from the start and that is what makes it outstand in the field. However, it does have a section to cover the article from national dailies so you don’t miss any news. It is available in Nepali and English. It provides an Android app too.

Online Khabar

11. Ujyaalo Online

Ujyaalo online owned by Communication Corner under Ujyaalo 90 Network, is not the best news source out there, but it still holds a strong opinion among Nepalese, thanks to its revolutionary radio programs like Kayakairan and Nepal Darpan. It is available in English and has dedicated mobile site. It would be wrong to not mention its radio programs available online for streaming and download, which is the characteristic feature of its site. That’s also why its unique among others.

Ujyaalo Online

12. Adarsha Samaj

As a national daily, Adarsha Samaj is relatively an underdog. Its unique feature is that it is published from Pokhara, rather than the capital, which makes it a popular source of news around Pokhara and its periphery. It is available in Nepali language along with e-paper version. It also presents a workable mobile layout.


Aadarsa Samaj


Happy reading.

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